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On Anarchism

Noam Chomsky

The essential primer to the political theory of the thinker the New York Times deemed “arguably the most important intellectual alive”

Prison by Any Other Name

Maya Schenwar and Victoria Law

A crucial indictment of widely embraced “alternatives to incarceration” that exposes how many of these new approaches actually widen the net of punishment and surveillance

Usual Cruelty

Alec Karakatsanis

From an award-winning civil rights lawyer, a profound challenge to our society’s normalization of the caging of human beings, and the role of the legal profession in perpetuating it

A Dangerous Woman

Sharon Rudahl

The anarchist and radical hero Emma Goldman, brought to vivid life in a graphic biography by an acclaimed artist with a foreword by Alice Wexler

The New Jim Crow

Michelle Alexander

A tenth-anniversary edition of the iconic bestseller—“one of the most influential books of the past 20 years,” according to the Chronicle of Higher Education—with a new preface by the author


 Larry Gonick and Tim Kasser

From the bestselling cartoonist of The Cartoon History of the Universe comes an explosive takedown of capitalism

Strangers in Their Own Land

Arlie Russell Hochschild

The National Book Award Finalist and New York Times bestseller that became a guide and balm for a country struggling to understand the election of Donald Trump

Stayin’ Alive

Jefferson Cowie

Winner of the 2011 Merle Curti award, an epic account that recasts the 1970s as the key turning point in modern U.S. history, from the renowned historian

A History of America in Ten Strikes

Erik Loomis

An “entertaining, tough-minded, and strenuously argued” (The Nation) account of ten moments when workers fought to change the balance of power in America

The Radical Reader 

 edited by Timothy Patrick McCarthy and John McMillian

Key documents that illustrate the richness of the American radical tradition

The Essential Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

In a single volume, the seminal writings of the world’s leading philosopher, linguist, and critic, published to coincide with his eightieth birthday

Not a Crime to Be Poor 

Peter Edelman

Winner of a special Robert F. Kennedy Book Award, the book that Evicted author Matthew Desmond calls “a powerful investigation into the ways the United States has addressed poverty. . . lucid and troubling”

Inventing Latinos

Laura E. Gómez

A timely and groundbreaking argument that all Americans must grapple with Latinos’ dynamic racial identity—because it impacts everything we think we know about race in America

The Chomsky-Foucault Debate

Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault

Two of the twentieth century’s most influential thinkers debate a perennial question

Lies My Teacher Told Me

James W. Loewen

A new edition of the national bestseller and American Book Award winner, with a new preface by the author

Lies My Teacher Told Me: Young Readers’ Edition

James W. Loewen

Now adapted for young readers ages 12 through 18, the national bestseller that makes real American history come alive in all of its conflict, drama, and complexity

When We Fight, We Win! 

Greg Jobin-Leeds and AgitArte

Real stories of hard-fought battles for social change, with clear lessons and tips for activists to build powerful movements

Cutting School

Noliwe Rooks

A “powerful analysis of racism, segregation, poverty” (Diane Ravitch) and a timely indictment of the privatization—and profitability—of separate and unequal schools

Murder in the Garment District 

David Witwer and Catherine Rios

The thrilling and true account of racketeering and union corruption in mid-century New York, when unions and the mob were locked in a power struggle that reverberates to this day

Blood on the River 

 Marjoleine Kars

A breathtakingly original work of history that uncovers a massive enslaved persons’ revolt that almost changed the face of the Americas