Organizing Occupy Wall Street: This Is Just Practice

Presented by Marisa Holmes
116 Suffolk St
New York

This book is the first study of the processes and structures of the Occupy Wall Street movement, written from the perspective of a core organizer who was involved from the inception to the end. While much has been written on OWS, few books have focused on how the movement was organized. Marisa Holmes, an organizer of OWS in New York City, aims to fill this gap by deriving the theory from the practice and analyzing a broad range of original primary sources, from collective statements, structure documents, meeting minutes, and live tweets, to hundreds of hours of footage from the OWS Media Working Group archive. In doing so, she reveals how the movement was organized in practice, which experiments were most successful, and what future generations can learn. The workshop will be a reflection on some key themes and questions raised in the book. There will be facilitated assembly-style discussion and break-outs If there are enough people.