September 16 & 17

This year the community proposed in-person workshops that will take place on
Saturday September, 16th, from 11am to 7pm at these 3 locations:

La Plaza Community Garden

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS/C-Squat)


Please check the time and location of each workshop carefully.

Go to this link to participate VIRTUAL WORKSHOP 

In-person Workshops

Virtual Workshops

Forest TV in Brazil is Collaborating With the Virtual Workshops

Sunday, Sep 17

11:00am EDT - 11:45am EDT

Void Network Poetry - Tasos Sagris, Sissy Doutsiou, Yannis Raouzaios - Greece

P.I.T [Property is Theft]

12:00pm EDT - 1:00pm EDT

Ten Little Anarchists [English]

P.I.T [Property is Theft]

1:15pm EDT - 2:30pm EDT

Poet, Gerald Thomas  [English]

P.I.T [Property is Theft]

1:30pm EDT - 2:45pm EDT

Zapatista Stories for Dreaming of An-Other World  [English]

P.I.T [Property is Theft]

3:00pm EDT - 4:30pm EDT

Incarcerated Organizing: Building From the Inside Out [English]

P.I.T [Property is Theft]

4:30pm EDT - 5:45pm EDT

P.I.T [Property is Theft]

5:45pm EDT - 6:10pm EDT

Poet, Tongo Eisen-Martin [English]

P.I.T [Property is Theft]

6:10pm EDT - 7:00pm EDT

General Assembly [New Justice]  - Open to all 

Open to All

P.I.T [Property is Theft]

Just Together We Can Do It
Solidarity & Anarchy
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