Post-2022 ABF statement:

The 2022 NYC Anarchist Book Fair cost $1,982.22 to put on.

Tables and Chairs $692.25

Accessible Bathroom $279.97

Poster, T-Shirts, Tote Bags $500

P.I.T Infoshop Printing and support $120

Technical support for Virtual Workshops $350

Software for virtual workshops $60

Transportation for Cine Movíl $50

We started with $311 on our bank account, and received $1630 in cheques from the vendors who donated to help us out. The original amount in the Bank account must remain at the same amount or higher in our savings, or else we risk losing the account and our money.

We raised $1495 in cash on the September 10th, which consisted in ABF merchandise sales and 9 donations from vendors (who had not payed through checks).

On Sunday, September 4th we held a split benefit show for the Kuñangue Aty Guasu at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn (with Askeados, Demencia Alkoholika, M.A.L.A., Brainwashed Youth, and Mud Moon). The venue donated the space to us, and the musicians performed free of charge, and P.I.T. infoshop (411 S 5th St. Brooklyn) let us borrow their backline. We are deeply grateful for their contributions. With their support, we raised $750. Each cause (the Kuñangue Aty Guasu and the NYC ABF) thus received $375 (or 1916 BRL) in donations from the show. In addition to a donation of

In addition, we also raised $116.18 via PayPal from ABF merchandise sales (as of Wednesday September 14 we have yet to collect this value). We used $50 from here to pay off Cine Movíl for the AFF, and plan on sending the remaining value to the Kuñangue Aty Guasu as well.

With everything payed, the NYC ABF is left with $236 for next year.

Always our intention is finish the book fair with zero money

in anarchy

we from the nyc abf collective