NYC Anarchist Book Fair

September 15-17th, 2023

Abolish the Police! Demand Alternative Community Justice!

As anarchists, as anti-authoritarians, and as fighters, we are engaged in many struggles: against racism, gender and sexual repression, capitalism and economic imperialism, and for a society based on mutual aid and solidarity.

One struggle takes center-stage right now: the struggle against police and the entire criminal injustice system. The epidemic of police violence and killings continues despite the outpouring of rage following the death of George Floyd and other victims of racist policing. The green-lighting of Atlanta’s Cop City, a massive, corporate-funded project opposed by the community it’s being imposed on, underscores the arrogant disregard that the state-capitalist system holds for people and communities.

For this year’s book fair, we invited anarchists from the city, the region, and around the country to speak, teach, and inspire on every aspect of our struggle. But we especially invited our comrades who are engaged in the fight against police and helping to build alternative systems of community justice.


September 15Music Festival

September 16Book Fair & Art Festival

September 16Film Festival

September 17Virtual Workshops

2023 Poster by John Vasquez Mejias From Agency Illuminating Anarchist Perspectives on Restorative Justice & Transformative Justice

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September 15 – Music Festival

P.I.T. Brooklyn

September 16 – Book Fair & Art Festival

La Plaza Community Garden - Free Childcare Available!

September 16 – Film Festival

Tompkins Square Park, East Village

September 17 – Virtual Workshops

Virtual / In-person @ P.I.T Brooklyn - Requires Registration