15th NYC Anarchist Bookfair Will Be in Person & Virtual

This year’s NYC Anarchist Bookfair will be held both in-person and virtually online.  Meet us OUTSIDE in person on Saturday, October 2, at a Community Garden for an awesome exhibit of anarchist cultural materials plus festivities, from films, books, and zines, to art, performances, and bikes . 

Join us online the following day, Sunday October 3, for virtual workshops, presentations, and panel discussions featuring anarchist writers, activists, and artists. The virtual book fair is organized by Kuñangue Aty Guasu  Assembly of Guarani and Kaiowa Indigenous Women Brasil [www.kunangue.com], with translation in English, Spanish and Portuguese, supported by the University College London Multimedia Anthropology Laboratory (UCL MAL) [www.uclmal.com] London]


Our main concept this year will be

Zero Money = Live in Mutual Aid

We are asking, What is in your mind that should we address, or is relevant to now…?

Our website started receiving material from you, booksellers, writers, poets,workshop proposal, art performance, films, music, media,etc

.All applications, deadline = September 15



Brazilian government wants to pass a new law to open up the heart of Amazon to devastating industrial corporations projects, and legalize the expulsion of indigenous from their ancestral lands. The Brazilian Government pushing draft bill 490 that will basically legalize genocide — it will be voted on the congress on 08/25/2021. But there is hope, if the people from all over the world are against the genocide of indigenous people, and destruction of Amazonia Forest, our pressure could tip the balance


more information : https://apiboficial.org/2021/06/23/members-of-the-ruralist-caucus-and-allies-to-president-bolsonaro-approve-bill-that-paves-the-way-for-a-new-indigenous-genocide/?lang=en


Take responsibility, this fight is also yours
Let us know if you want to go with us march in Brazil with 5.000 indigenous on 08/25/2021, they are in the front line of this fight and we want to be with them.
We created an international artist solidarity with indigenous in Brazil and we work together with some friends /comrades and you could be with us

Think about it…. and act

Music Vídeo clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4CcX720DW4


Vídeo clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4CcX720DW4

We spectated $75.000 but we got $320.000 and $150.000 was to APIB [ Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation ] and $170.000 – was to Kuñangue Aty Guasu Assembly of Guarani and Kaiowa Indigenous Women = This was a really successful campaign


Then other campaign that also was successful :

was Support anarchist firefighters fighting forest fires in Brazil https://www.firefund.net/urutau We spectated $3000 and we got $3600 [Thanks everybody that collaborated with Brazilian anarchists Firefighters / they will be at the book fair this year with a workshop].



NYC Emma Goldman Anarchist Film Festival: Call for Contributions

Deadline: Sept. 15. Event on Oct. 2

The NYC Emma Goldman Anarchist Film Festival is seeking contributions celebrating the irrepressible spirits of solidarity and resistance amid a world in crisis. Now in its 15th year, the AFF has showcased stories of people across the globe who fight for a better future against exploitation, oppression, and terror. While we will consider all entries, this year we are especially interested in films about the pandemic and its toll, the movement for racial justice, rising authoritarianism, and historical struggles that give context to present ones.

Entry Guidelines:

Entries should be sent to NYCAFF2021@protonmail.com

We are accepting both original short films as well as longer features. Entries should ideally be sent as a file attachment, a download, or a streaming link. Please include your name, a description of your entry, and a short bio. All entries must be sent by the end of Sept. 15. Those featured in the AFF are encouraged to attend the event and present their videos to the audience.


Workshop with Silvia Federici https://anarchistbookfair.net/events/silvia-federici-talk-and-discussion/

The 15th NYC Anarchist Book Fair Poster by N.O. Bonzo


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