15th NYC Anarchist Bookfair

October 2/3, 2021

virtual workshops, presentations, and panel discussions featuring anarchist writers, activists, and artists. The virtual book fair was organized by Kuñangue Aty Guasu  Assembly of Guarani and Kaiowa Indigenous Women of Brasil [www.kunangue.com], with translation in English, Spanish and Portuguese.





Our main concept this year was

Zero Money = Live in Mutual Aid


From the book : Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin

…and ask nature:”Who are fittest: those who are continually at war with each other, or those who support one another? ” we at once see that those animals which acquire habits of mutual aid are undoubtedly the fittest. They have more chances to survive…

[ Mutual aid among animals ]

Upcoming Events

October 2nd will have IN-PERSON events.

October 3rd will have VIRTUAL  events.

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