NYC Anarchist Book Fair Safe Space Policy

The NYC Anarchist Book Fair safe space policy is intended to make this event a supportive, nonthreatening, and safe environment. If you experience harassment, abuse, assault, or any other kind of violation during the Book Fair, or if someone who has engaged in such behavior is adversely affecting your participation at the Book Fair, or for any other reason you need support, please come to a Book Fair collective member or the welcome table.

There are advocates and support people available to address these issues, as it pertains to our community and existence as human beings. This policy is instated in recognition and rejection of rape culture as the status quo. Rape culture is that in which sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence are condoned, excused and even encouraged. Rape culture is part of a broader culture of violence, wherein people are socialized to inhabit different positions in hierarchical relationships, to commodify their fellow human beings, and to relate to each other through violence and coercion. It is also rooted in broader systems of oppression such as patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, homophobia, transphobia and colonialism and is not separable from them in how and why it is perpetrated, experienced, and dealt with. When a decision needs to be made to give ‘benefit of the doubt’ to someone who was/has been engaged in harassment, abuse, assault, the preference will be to support the survivor.

The Book Fair is a safe space where there is to be absolutely NO racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or violence of any kind whatsoever! We hope as a visitor to this year’s Book Fair that you will help out when possible to combat these deeply rooted issues in and around NYC. Thank you.

The NYC Anarchist book fair (NYC ABF) Mission Statement and Organizing Process

The NYC ABF is an annual forum primarily for educational events about anarchism and contemporary political and cultural voices and movements.

Workshops provide a chance to engage in a diverse range of discussions and debates. The NYC ABF consists of the book fair itself, which promotes anarchist books, but also the Anarchist Art Festival, Anarchist Film Festival, Music Festival and Radical Care as well as other related educational community events. The book fair is also an exciting opportunity to strengthen old alliances and create new ones as we seek to build community and unity.

Principles of Unity

The NYC ABF objective is to increase all forms of liberation and affirm the dignity of the individual as well as the potential of creative collective cooperation.

We oppose any form of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, or economic status. We also actively oppose capitalism, nationalism, patriarchy, xenophobia, white supremacy, anthropocentricism, State violence or any form of coercive government.

The NYC ABF is an autonomous group that strives to collaborate with the anarchist community. We are here to collaborate with the greater collective good and will not get directly involved in personal conflicts or capitulate to any individual self-serving agenda. However, should conflict arise, the ABF will provide qualified mediators and mediation as necessary.

Members the NYC Anarchist Book Fair Collective

The NYC ABF collective is a group of anarchist activists, immigrants, workers, native americans, feminists, artists, LGBTQ, intellectuals, whose mission is to create a safe community space where people can exchange information and learn about the history of anarchism as well as its current forms.

The NYC Anarchist Book Fair welcomes anarchists who want to bring their energy, creativity, and political passion to collaborate make future book fairs a success. We are committed to practicing an open and transparent process and building as diverse a collective as possible, representing the breadth of New York’s anarchist community. We especially welcome native americans, women, LBGTQ, and people of color to join us in planning, organizing, and running the book fair.

Anarchism is about building community in a free nonhierarchical, radically setting; this is our project as well. But we recognize this is not possible when people feel threatened or marginalized. We are therefore committed to making the collective a safe space in which communication and decision-making are conducted in a respectful, inclusive, collaborative manner. While we welcome debate and disagreement, we do not tolerate conduct that is threatening,intimidating, or disruptive or that makes members of the collective or volunteers feel marginalized or physically uncomfortable.


Our responsibility and commitment is to anarchist ideas and movements and projects and movements that struggle for liberation and against all forms of oppression of human beings and in defense of the earth and non-human life. We also seek to connect a local and global anarchist community.

The responsibilities of the NYC ABF collective include, providing a safe & inclusive public forum, organizing childcare, tables for book vendors, and workshops based on current anarchist concerns and resistance movements.

Every required task and responsibility is shared by more than one member so that no role can be dominated by any individual.

Our commitment to anarchist ideals can be evidenced by looking at our programs over the past years. You can see for yourself that the NYC ABF have always been dedicated to both protecting the anarchist community from repression while also creating a community space for creative, radical and inspiring ideas and connections. We have always had an explicit emphasis on anti-authoritarianism, anarchist feminism, anti-racism, deep ecology, and cultivating the anarchist imagination.

Decision Making

Decisions are made by consensus and based on respectful communication. Individual members can make blocks only in serious circumstances when the security and mission of the ABF are endangered by a particular decision.


The NYC ABF also coordinates new volunteers to assist in organizing the ABF, the Anarchist Art Festival and Anarchist Film Festival, as well as fundraisers, and other promotional events and outreach efforts.

Potential volunteers are interviewed and voted in by existing members. We only use as many volunteers as needed and also try to give new people a chance to get involved.

Volunteer Process

We rely on volunteer help and love our volunteers! We encourage volunteers to email the ABF Collective with some information about yourself, any relevant organizing experience and current political interests. Volunteers are chosen based on their compatibility with the ABF mission and ability to work respectfully and in harmony with others.

Safe Space Policies and Guidelines

Creativity and organizing first and foremost requires safety. We cannot tolerate unsafe behaviors and people. We value respect, trust, honest communication and an atmosphere of cooperation in the workplace. Bullying, yelling, intimidation, sexism including sexual harassment, racism, nationalism, homophobia, transphobia, lying, ageism or any form of disrespectful dehumanizing behaviors WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Any form of hateful hostility or malicious slander and other destructive behaviors have no place in an anarchist community or collective.

If we have to explain to you the concept of basic respect then the NYC ABF is clearly not the place or project for you. Anyone who violates safe space guidelines or undermines purpose the NYC ABF will be told to unequivocally and unceremoniously to fuck off. We have a clear mission to fulfill, therefore we will not allow anyone to compromise it for any reason.

Summation and Invitation

As anarchists, we are not interested in governing anyone or anything but ourselves. However we take our responsibility to the community seriously. Our purpose is therefore to maintain the integrity of the NYC ABF and related anarchist community projects.

We strive to bring together the many sincere, loving, passionate spirits who inspire us and the truly anarchist at heart. It is for you that we have dedicated our lives to keeping alive the bright flame of anarchism that has shown the path of love and life to millions amid the ignorance, tyranny of the ages.

We invite and welcome individuals and groups to email us at anytime to please suggest workshop ideas, send your art, poster ideas, and contribute any form of support. Thank you in advance!


NYC ABF Collective