Ten Little Anarchists [English]

Presented by Autonomedia with author Daniel De Roulet
P.I.T [Property is Theft]
411 South 5th Street

Switzerland, in the late 19th century. In the village of Saint-Imier, residents live between misery and exploitation, between ancient stables and a watch industry still in its infancy. Then a visit from Mikhail Bakunin, full of the ardor of the recent Paris Commune, awakens the idea that another life is possible. Ten young women make the crazy bet to build, on the other side of the world, a community where “pure anarchy” would reign. Valentine, the last survivor of the “ten little anarchists,” narrates for us the story of this utopia, in action which takes them from Switzerland to Patagonia to Buenos Aires, via the island of Robinson Crusoe. Based on actual historical events, this is the extraordinary epic of women united by a fierce love of freedom, who chose to “rejoice in the unexpected without losing the strength to rebel.”