Anarchist Movement and Political Climate in Buenos Aires (2017-2020)

Presented by Expandiendo la revuelta, anarchist editorial from Buenos Aires

The expandiendo la revuelta editorial began publishing in 2017 as a result of diferent debates around our anarchists perspectives, since in the last 3 years, we participate in probably the most visible moments of anarchists actions on this territory at least inthe last 30 years, in grand part in consecuence of santiago maldonado’s murder, and of course that had repressive consecuencies but also a lot of solidarity, new inniciatives and projects, and the neccesity of re-think some of our slogans or propaganda. We made this talk a few times in the last year, trying to generate a debate and a reciprocate talk about repression, propaganda and anarchist solidarity, and we would love to do it again with comrades from another territories.

Please take a look at a few videos we made about events in Buenos Aires in August 2017 (with English subtitles) on our website, before the workshop if you wish: