We Need Police for Nothing

Presented by Anonymous
La Plaza Community Garden
E 9th St and Avenue C
New York

We Need Police for Nothing: militant tactics for real on the street community self defense. Police have never kept us safe. They will remain an active threat to our communities until they are no more. We realize that we must develop our own networks and strategies to ensure our collective safety from the police and other threats to our communities.

This skill-share workshop will feature interactive demonstrations of group self defense tactics by experienced community defenders with the safe participation of book fair attendees. The demos will focus on overcoming specific threat scenarios and community safety situations.

Each demo skill share will run approximately 20 minutes.

These training demos and exercises are for comrades of all experience and skill levels. If you’re new to community self defense this is a safe space to get an understanding and feel for otg action. If you’ve been putting in work for a while this is a rare opportunity to practice, perfect and expand on proven tactics with other experienced comrades in a controlled environment.

This is how together we can begin to build out systems that actually protect us while we fight to abolish the systems that will destroy us.