Oral History Skill Share

Presented by Myriad Archives
La Plaza Community Garden
E 9th St and Avenue C
New York

Oral history writing/creation workshop and skill share with Myriad Archives. They will share a range of oral history projects that they have been invested in collecting, exploring, and writing

The skill share will consider ways to document the anti-imperialist movements of peoples who have resisted such violence firsthand, with oral history as a tool to collect and disperse the experiences of others without privileging the expertise of the historian/interviewer and emphasizing the multiple subjectivities of any historical movement. It will offer a forum for brainstorming oral history projects and discuss think about the ethos, philosophy, and practice behind writing oral history, providing a how-to zine and a table with existing anarchist/radical oral history works.
We hope that this project, Myriad Archives, will be a node in a larger ecosystem of past, ongoing, and future oral history work that we wished to honor, disperse, and encourage the creation of. As such, we are creating a website (https://myriadarchives.cargo.site/) which will be a resource for us and others to participate in the creation of, noting the current lack of an accessible online radical oral history resource hub that can be collectively edited and created without institutional affiliation. We hope this will expand the community of oral history and other experimental historical recording forms.