Liberation Music Therapy

Presented by Mederi Muzik (DeMarisa Steeley, Dorian Wallace)
La Plaza Community Garden
E 9th St and Avenue C
New York

“​We experience life through vibrations. Music has been a vital part of our evolution since the Paleolithic era and is an integral part of our history. Music can bring people together, encourage social, political, economic, or environmental change, facilitate healing, and illuminate human transcendence through peace and solidarity. In other words, music can connect with the human psyche in ways that, when practiced with focused intention, have the potential to treat entire communities that have undergone transgenerational trauma at the assault of colonialism and Capitalism.”

Dorian Wallace is a composer, pianist, and music therapist recognized for his stylistic versatility, improvisational skill, and unwavering commitment to sociopolitical struggles. In addition to a successful solo career, he regularly collaborates with artists such as Bonita Oliver, John Sanborn, Paul Pinto, Pamela Z, Charlotte Mundy, Frank London, and Nicholas Finch. He has provided musical services for political figures such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jarvis Tyner, Angela Davis, Gerald Horne, Blade Nzimande, and Sing In Solidarity.

From Harlem New York, DeMarisa Steeley is a devoted single mother of two , Organizer, Facilitator and Keeper of How Our Lives Link Altogether! (H.O.L.L.A!), a nonprofit developed from the organizing work and political strategizing of people who served sentences in New York State Correctional Facilities. The focus of H.O.L.L.A! is to co-create a youth-led organization centered on grassroots youth community organizing to support the leadership development, healing, and liberation of marginalized youth of color and their/our communities.

In addition to this DeMarisa is a Music Arts Healer, Youth Entrepreneurship coach and Fashion Designer. Formerly working at Rikers Island through the division of fine and performing arts- DeMarisa uses music improvisation, rhythmic music playing, songwriting and song analysis in the treatment process of short- and long-term trauma to service over 600 persons in custody a week. Moreover, She has facilitated/ produced workshops and fashion shows with Passages Academy around youth entrepreneurship for Justice involved youth. DeMarisa’s fashionable creations have been featured in Vogue, Circle of Sisters, the Bronx Times as well as other local media outlets and events.