Autonomous Brigades: The Necessity of Direct Action in the Context of Environmental Destruction

Presented by Brigada Autonoma Urutau

A chat on the history and motivation behind the work of Brigada Autonoma Urutau, how to form one’s own brigade, and how to incentivize people to act for the betterment of the world.

The Brigada Autônoma Urutau organized itself in this context: in view of the State’s inability and lack of interest in taking care of our biomes and the extremely low number of volunteers that are willing to go out to fight fires. Acting autonomously and in conjunction with the Brigada Lucas Eduardo Martins and with independent firefighters in the Pantanal fires in 2020, the desire and urgency to act before it was too late was born.

The future scenario for Brazil’s environment is not favorable. We know that in addition to the fires, there are numerous dams on verge of break and affect nearby communities. Our Brigade also is structured to be in readiness when situations like these happen and can help in many ways.