Pop Gym: Intro to Self-Defense Workshop

Presented by Pop Gym
La Plaza Community Garden
E 9th St and Avenue C
New York

Intro Self-Defense Workshop: great for folks with little-to-no self-defense experience! We’re all the masters of our own self-defense a.k.a the things we do every day to survive and thrive. But what can we do when situations get too physical for our comfort? We’ll be sharing techniques, theories, and strategies that you can take with you for your own practice and add to your self-defense toolbelt for when physical defense becomes a necessity. 

Not a black belt? Not a problem! The purpose of these workshops is to provide an accessible space for beginners to get to know how you can best utilize your abilities to pick up some quick-to-learn strikes, blocks, movements and defenses against grabs. Take these techniques with you to practice and to share with others to greater grow our own and our community’s defense capacities. Bring yourself, bring a buddy (if you want) and bring some water. We’ll provide the pads and pool noodles!

Meet us at the gazebo in the La Plaza Community Garden!