Land is for the People: Indigenous Sovereignty & Anarchy | A Round Table Discussion & Knowledge Share

Presented by Indigenous Kinship Collective

We often hear “Land Back” but back to whom in the current times? What does decolonizing our land actually look like? How does land sovereignty impact our communities? In this presentation, participants will be able to have an interactive learning experience on effective Indigenous sovereignty tactics and strategies for building solidarity in our present-day movements. We will be featuring a panel made up of members from NYC’s Indigenous Kinship Collective + other Indigenous activists in this round table discussion and knowledge share.

Appearances by Timei (Assurini), Jaqueline (Guarani-Kaiowa) & Rafaela Vargas (AmazoniAlerta). We invite you to watch Assurini and Guarani-Kaiuwa reports on Amazonia 2020 in the NYC ABF pre-recorded sessions.


Cleopatra Tatabele (They/She), moderator (IKC): Cleopatra is an Afro-Taino two spirit organizer born & raised in Lenape Territory (so-called “NYC”). Cleopatra is a youth worker and educator; check out @AbuelaTaughtMe on IG to follow more of their work!

Regan De Loggans (They/Themme), panelist (IKC): (Mississippi Choctaw/K’iche Maya) is a two spirit community organizer, historian, and curator based on Canarsie land in Lenapehoking. @phaggot.planet.

Pati Rodriguez (She/Her), panelist (IKC): Pati Andina Kichwa of Ecuador, raised in Lenapehoking-Canarsie land in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Grassroots community organizer/cultural political artist for over 20 years, co-founder & organizer of Mi Casa No Es Su Casa (@micasaresiste), and with Mayday Space in Bushwick. Now working to coordinate efforts to defend the land via the grassroots Bushwick alliance Frack Outta Brooklyn, and to defend our Black & Indigenous kin at the level in Brooklyn. (social media @brujarebel). 

Maritza Geronimo, panelist: Nahua-Quechua Roots, Xicana Organizer @ The Eagle & The Condor Liberation Front in Los Angles – Tonga Land Member of La Sexta Grietas Del Norte (Network of EZLN- CNI Adherents in the U.S.)

Daisy Bugarin, panelist:
Tepecana + Wixarika Roots, Xicana
Founder Semillas Collective in NYC –  Lenape Land 
Member of La Sexta Grietas Del Norte  ( Network of EZLN- CNI Adherents in the U.S.)


Time Assurini, shaman / indigenous mediator / architect  / permacultor
Jaqueline kuna Aranduha Kiowa, indigenous activist / anthropologist / representative of the great assembly of Guarani and Kaiowa women / Kunangue Aty Guasu, state of MS, Brazil


is an app designed for the people of the Amazon to share, securely, anonymously and in real time, critical information on attacks on them and the forest: land invasions; illegal mining, logging and deforestation; and assaults and killings.