History and Roots of the Really Really FREE Market (and how you can start one!) + Freedge + Food Not Bombs

Presented by Really Really Free Market, Judy, Katie, Ryan, Ernst

This will be a presentation in part skill share on the “what” “how” and “why” of the global anarchist project known as the Really Really FREE Market! In addition, the presentation will focus on how to start a community fridge network in your area and the best practices to secure a continuous food flow. We will then dive into the most common obstacles faced by Freedge organizers and how to navigate them: Stigma of Poverty, Landlords, Liability Fears and the Food Code.





Important links : Suggested By Really Really Free Market


SF RRFM website:  


how to start your own RRFM:  


Ripseup (Free email, image hosting, Document hosting (like Google Docs), email lists, and more – Entirely run by anarchists witout IP logging / surveillance capitalism):  


SF Food not bombs:  


large (free) file hosting:  


free youtube downloader (save videos):  


Make sure people know not to click the pop-up ads or download any programs – only download the files that end in “.mp4”) – Not recommended for use by people that are not familiar with downloading things safely off the Internet  


Free professional video editor – edit snippets of video for upload.   



free very useful tool for making compressed files and opening them for easy uploading and downloading​  

WayBack Machine  


Free website to permanently save any webpage – Also find old webpages that were taken down too!  

http://discord.com – 

anonymous, free chat (unencrypted though).  Very popular and easy to use. Can be launched in a browser or downloaded on phone of computer.

https://tox.chat/ -popular encrypted chat alternative.  

free audio editing programs (to complete the kinda  “DIY media kit” of all the links):