Zine Culture(s) & Anarchist(ic) Culture(s): Intersections of Theory, Practice, & Ethics (A Community Discussion on Connections between Zines & Zine Culture(s), Anarchist Theory & Practice, and Media Production)

Presented by Dane Michael (Artificiality Distro)

While not mutually inclusive, zines & zine culture overlaps with anarchist theory & practice in terms of self-organization, self-production, and the importance of establishing radically different social relationships than the dominant social relationships of hierarchical society. These connections are present in the need to “become the media” as evidenced by the anarchistic orientation to move away from media produced from the outside (corporate media, state media, and any form of media is not oriented towards anarchistic theory & practice.)
At most anarchist bookfairs, zines are a noticeable form of media format. Likewise, but to a lesser extent, at zine fests, one will come across a good number of anarchist and anarchistic zines.

What is the relationship between zine culture & anarchist culture? Is there one? (definitely does not need to be a strict Yes/No binary, but maybe a spectrum of connections between the two? Also, the need to be wary of monolithic zine culture and a monolithic anarchist culture is important).