Bodyfuturism• Somatic Worldmaking

Presented by Simone Johnson
Photo Credit: Efe Kurnaz

bodyfuturism • somatic worldmaking • sunbeam remedies • earth :: body revolution 

In this workshop we will spend most of the time with our bodies connecting to breath and tending to our hearts and nervous systems and then have a discussion/Q&A about bodyfuturism and somatic worldmaking.

The workshop rose out of a recent virtual performance for Performancy Forum, my background in movement and plant medicine and experience living with a chronic illness and other health challenges. The workshop is part of new body of work I am developing most likely over the next decade. It is fairly new and still emerging; right now my process consists of crafting questions, playing with words, generating conversation, exploring ways to take care of my body, and sharing practices and tools that I have found helpful. 

Please come prepared with a notebook, writing utensil and water.

Simone is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in New York City. Learn more about her work here