Reclaiming Medicine: An Obeah Woman’s Guide to Plant Medicine

Presented by Emma Kathryn

This workshop focuses on the offerings of herbs and plants in a variety of practical ways that can help to heal body and mind. Self taught as a herbalist and practicing for almost a decade, it is my hope to make plants and their offerings more accessible. Attendees will learn how to harvest, prepare, process and use plants in a way that can aid self care, mental and physical. This includes making simple but effective medicines as well as ointments for meditation and soul flight.

We ask if possible if attendees can join in at home if they so wish, in which case they will need dried plants and herbs (common herbs, plants and flowers are okay), oils (whatever they have in their kitchen cupboard is fine) and clean glass jars and bottles (I use bottles and jars that came with foodstuffs in them, a good clean in soapy water and they are good to go). I also suggest a mortar and pestle or herb grinder. At the very least, attendees should bring a notebook and paper for any notes they wish to make.

Emma Kathryn, practices traditional British witchcraft, Vodou and Obeah, a mixture representing her heritage. She lives in the sticks with her family where she reads tarot, practices witchcraft and drinks copious amounts of coffee.

“So witchcraft and obeah (I describe it as Jamaican witchcraft) is heavily linked to the use of plants. As an animist I view the whole of the natural world as being imbued with spirit. I also believe we as a species are a part of that system just as much as the fauna and flora, only we’ve become so very disconnected from it, hence our destruction of it.”