Reclaim the Brain

Presented by Sierra Ortega

Workshop Description

Drawing from a long history of anti-psych & anarchists mutual aid practices, RECLAIM THE BRAIN seeks to bring together a supportive community of “peer-therapists” who are interested in developing a practice of collective healing. Through somatic work, writing prompts, and conversation, we will create space where we are able to frankly and openly confront our anxiety, rage, and despair; a space where it’s okay to not be okay.

The workshop is fully participatory! There will be somatic exercises, writing and creative prompts, and opportunities to speak. Participants are invited to bring yoga mats or blankets, notebooks, writing and/or art supplies, and any comfort items they might want/need to have close.

Sierra Ortega is a lazy poet, weirdo queero, hot-mess bipolar, precariously employed adjunct professor, and interdisciplinary performance artist based in Queens, NY. Utilizing their background in performance, speculative philosophy, and queer and feminist politics, they have come to develop an artist/scholar practice that is deeply personal, constantly chaotic, and furiously DIY. Using an experimental and process-based methodology, they seek post-capitalist, meta-utopic futurity. In 2016 they received an MA in performance studies from NYU and are currently an MFA candidate in Interdisciplinary Art at Goddard College