Art Festival- Live Events

La Plaza Community Garden
E 9th St and Avenue C
New York

Saturday, September 16
6:30 – 8pm

art by Vilma Duplantier

Saturday, September 16
6:30 – 8pm

Guerrilla Theater – Performance

photo by Patrick Marino

“Like any birth, we arrive in a gruesome but hopeful state. A roiling alchemy of total art combining both new and old modes of expression where nothing is false, archetypes are created and destroyed in real time. Although the public square is our natural home, we strive to create a spiritually charged, multi-dimensional experience in both the agora and theater house alike.”

(from our recent performance in May @ Union Square)/

Artemis Beasts – Performance 

Manifest 1 & 2 by AnarkoArtLab – Art Project – 2023 [Estonia] Non Grata Residence 

Photos by Peter Rosvik (

Just Together We Can Do It
Solidarity & Anarchy
NYC Anarchist Book Fair Collective

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