Spiritual Journey

Presented by Mariko Tamegai

Welcome to spiritual journey.

Deep relaxation,open your intuition with guiding meditation, Reiki session with sound bath

This is not a lecture. You are going to experience with your mind and body

You can bring your pets, plants to join with us:)

Not necessarily have experience before.

 Make yourself sitting or lying comfortably.

Bring water, burn incense or candles. If you have it.

● Guiding meditation: using breathing, imagination and your intuition to take you to a safe and calm place.●    Reiki session: Reiki is an alternative medicine called energy healing  by hand. Reiki practitioners can channel universal energy to heal patient and could be use for animals, plants, place and past and future. Reiki is also treated remotely. ● Sound bath:  Gentle sound shower for your whole body. Makes you relax and calm your nerve system and using various instrumentals such as singing bowls, crystal bowls etc.

Mariko Is a Reiki master and Sound healing practitioner originally from Japan. She is an open mind and a good listener who makes friends easily with people, animals and plants. She is passionate about finding healing for beings in need of support for physical and mental issues. Her spiritual journey as a healing practitioner started after she experienced a tragic life event. Grief made her to be a healer for many needs. As a healer, she uses intuitions and empathy to offer her clients deep relaxation, the feeling of being grounded, and self-love. She has been treating clients with anxiety, addiction problems, and other physical and emotional needs