Presented by Pelenakeke Brown, Yo-Yo Lin, Kevin Gotkin

Glitchual, or ‘glitch ritual,’ is a remote performance work by Pelenakeke Brown, Kevin Gotkin, and Yo-Yo Lin. Exploring the ‘glitch’ as a disability aesthetic, the performance pays homage to the crip ritual of being together through the Internet, transcending time, space, and borders with digital telecommunication tools. Virtual space has long been a place of crip wisdom, joy, and community gathering. This performance seeks to claim the virtual space further, finding enchantment in the abnormalities of technology and failures of network connectivity. Audio stutters and video lag are a love note to being together. Considering the notion of how disability culture embraces the lag as a natural part of living and inclusive organizing, Glitchual investigates the conceptual and physical ‘limitations’ of time-based media and communication tools as a form of embodied resistance. This performance was presented at the Remote Access Party ‘WITCHES N GLITCHES’ at the 2020 Allied Media Conference.