Kosmos Law

Presented by Vlad Afanasiev, Elena Darjania, Luiza Crosman

Although the Earth is currently the only celestial body permanently occupied by humans, there are already plans regarding outer space occupation. These recent developments uphold and operate within a legal framework tied to the concepts of territorial expansion, exploitation and short term thinking. As a result, space is seen as a separate entity – an empty outside – further reinforcing the fragmentation of the planet into separate spatial hegemonies that are unable to act upon the pressing planetary climate crises.

By exploring the history of space law, the project exposes the contradictions that allow for a radically different epistemological framework to understand planetarity and govern space together with planets and their planetary conditions. Kosmos Law proposes a holistic governance model that can replace an outdated space law and update terrestrial governance. By arguing that Earth is a subset of space, it not only regulates future space activities but also envisions them as an indispensable part of the Earth’s ecosystem governance.

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When we think of outer space, paradoxical images of emptiness and complex astronomic activities take over our mind; Areas, celestial bodies and their constellations so big and so far away that they become alien for our cognition and imagination. We tend to forget that we inhabit one of those very celestial bodies.

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Kosmos Law is an ongoing research project. Latest and upcoming iterations include QiWu: Natural Footprint in Geopolitical Vicissitude – OCAT, Beijing, What do we have in common – Tbilisi Architecture Biennial.Kosmos Law is composed by:
Vlad Afanasiev is an independent architect and designer from Ukraine. He was strategist in the development project of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and currently runs architecture practice based in Kyiv. Elena Darjania is an urban planner, designer, and researcher based in Tbilisi, Georgia. She led the development of a general plan for a small town at a local non-for-profit organization. Luiza Crosman is an artist, cultural producer and writer based in São Paulo, Brazil. She is a founder-participant of the educational platform BLOCC (Building Leverage Over Creative Capitalism).