The Anarchist Social Struggles in Greece Today

Presented by Tasos Sagris and Sissy Doutsiou | Void Network, Athens- Greece

THE ANARCHIST SOCIAL STRUGGLES IN GREECE TODAY is an open public dialogue with Tasos Sagris and Sissy Doutsiou from Void Network / Athens- Greece.

Ten years after the extraordinary panamerican tour following the publication of the influential book “We are an Image from the Future- The Greek Revolt of December 2008”, Sissy and Tasos come back again in New York Anarchist BookFair for a long process of questions and answers. One year after the collapse of the left government, the neo-liberal right governs Greece as the economic situation seems worse than ever. Unable to satisfy the people the neo-liberal use the police to establish political legitimacy. The regime attacks the anarchist social centers all over the country as also the social rights to strike and demonstrate, established in Greece through social struggles of decades. What will be the reply of the anarchists in Greece? 

Poet and theater director Tasos Sagris and actress and poet Sissy Doutsiou, from anarchist cultural group Void Network (est. 1990- member of the Anarchist Federation in Greece) invite us to share questions and answers, fears and hopes, revolutionary plans and visions.