ART FESTIVAL: That Which Flees (Aquilo Que Foge)



Excerpt from the dance-installation That which flees. Taking the piece Not I (1972) by Samuel Beckett and biographical research on Maria do Carmo Bauer, grandmother of the artist Babi Fontana as starting points. This dance-installation is the result of research into memory, voice and interruption that uses different languages, such as dance, experimental music, cinema and visual arts.

creation and dance: babi fontana

artistic collaboration: dani lima

dramaturgical collaboration and video editor : victor costa

artistic provocation: emílio fontana filho

sound landscape: dallanoras

collaboration on sound installation: anderson kaltner

light design: laura salerno

light  operation: maíra nascimento e nina balbi

visual programming: daniel kucera

photography and filming: renato mangolin

local production: val nascimento

production direction: aline grisa

production: minotauro produções

support: Edital 04/2018 ProAc SP