John P. Clark and scott crow On “The Impossible Community”

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The Impossible Community confronts a critical moment when social and ecological catastrophes loom, the Left seems unable to articulate a response, and the Right controls public debates. This book offers a fresh and highly readable reformulation of anarchist social and political theory to develop a communitarian anarchist solution. Ambitious in scope and compelling in its strength and imagination, The Impossible Community offers readers an accessible theoretical framework along with concrete case studies to show how contemporary anarchist practice continues a long tradition of successfully synthesizing personal and communal liberation. This provocatively innovative work will appeal not only to students of anarchism and political theory but also to activists and anyone interested in making the world a better place.

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John P. Clark is a native of the Island of New Orleans, where his family has lived for twelve generations, and where he and his children and grandchildren continue to reside. He is director of La Terre Institute for Community and Ecology and Professor Emeritus at Loyola University, where he taught philosophy and environmental studies for many years. His books include Max Stirner’s EgoismThe Philosophical Anarchism of William GodwinThe Anarchist MomentAnarchy, Geography, ModernityThe Impossible Community, The Tragedy of Common Sense, Between Earth and Empire, and (as Max Cafard) The Surregionalist Manifesto and Other WritingsFLOOD BOOKSurregional Explorations, and Lightning Storm Mind, in addition to various edited works and translations.  His interests include dialectical thought, ecological philosophy, environmental ethics, anarchist and libertarian theory, the social imaginary, the critique of domination, Buddhist and Daoist philosophy, theory of social transformation, and the crisis of the Earth. An archive of over three hundred and fifty of his texts can be found at He has long been active in the radical ecology and communitarian anarchist movements. His recent work has focused on ecological resistance work with No Bayou Bridge, No New Leases, 350 NOLA and other grassroots organizations.  His work with La Terre Institute includes educational and organizational programs in New Orleans and on an 88-acre site on Bayou La Terre, in the coastal forest of the Gulf of Mexico. He is a member of the Education Workers’ Union of the Industrial Workers of the World.

scott crow is an international speaker and author. His first book, Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy, and the Common Ground Collective, was included on NPR’s Top Summer Reads of 2015. Black Flags and Windmills has been translated into Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. He is a contributor to the books Grabbing Back: Essays Against the Global Land GrabWitness to BetrayalThe Black Bloc Papers, and What Lies Beneath: Katrina, Race, and the State of the Nation. He is editor of Setting Sights: Histories and Reflections on Community Armed Self-Defense.