Zero Money = Live in Mutual Aid

Presented by Edgar Cahn + Christine Gray [Time Bank], Tasos Sagris [Anarchist Practises in the self-organized social centers in Greece] , Michael Reagan [Intersectional Class Struggle: Theory and Practice], Robert Ovetz [Workers' Inquiries and Choke Points], Black [AnarkoArtLab]

This presentation concentrates on this years concept of “Zero Money=Live in Mutual Aid”. By eliminating money, we eliminate class.We have gathered five prominent activists and thinkers to help us imagine new systems that operate without money or class. In addition, these speakers provide enlightening historical analyses of class systems: their origins, their structures, and the ways that we can defeat them.


Edgar Cahn and Christine Gray [Time-Bank] suggest a future economy that concentrates on the value of time rather than the value of money.

Robert Ovetz, editor of Workers’ Inquiry and Global Class Struggle: Tactics, Strategies, Objectives (Pluto, 2020), will discuss worker’s inquiries and class struggle and the relevance of class as a theoretical category in our world today, arguing that leading traditions of class analysis have missed major elements of what class is and how it operates.

Michael Reagan will demonstrate theories of intersectionality and materialism to study the current patriarchal and racist capitalist system that exists today. Ultimately, it argues that class is made up of all of us, it is of ourselves, in all our contradiction and complexity.

Tasos Sagris is an activist working in anarchist social centers based on mutual aid, free distribution, voluntary creative work, free open access, in Greece. He explores these themes using the examples of 15 years functioning Free Social Space Nosotros and 10 years of Occupied Free Self-Organized Theater Embros. Tasos Sagris also share with us experiences and practises from the 30 years anarchist- cultural actions of Void Network community.


Black: is a Trans…disciplinary artist and activist whose work draws upon: [GenderQueer] / Anarchy -feminism/ CriticalPractice.

Creates and organizes the ANARKOARTLAB Collective. They are a founder and member of the NYC Anarchist bookfair collective.