Enemy of The Queen

The Enemy of the Queen magazine is an Intersectional anarcha-feminist publication created in 2017 by anarchist militants. Our purpose is to build a space where people who suffer from the oppression of the system — patriarchal, white, of the state and capitalism — can express themselves freely and maintain a support network against violence and subjection. Based in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

The publication has two channels: the printed magazine and the blog. The printed magazine is published annually, gathering poetry, texts, translations, visual arts, reports, etc. While the blog helps us to publish easily throughout the year, allowing for our critical and creative influx to continue circulating.

We believe that, aligned with the anarchist ideal, we can continue in this struggle, by supporting each other in a horizontal manner and with solidarity, seeking ways to destroy multiple historically constituted oppressions that are, therefore, reversible. This does not mean that we cannot ally ourselves with other ideologies, other identities, who are also concerned with these confrontations and with the demand for horizontality in social and political relations. We are against totalitarianism and the standardization of praxis, therefore, we believe that only through the open relationship between differences is it possible to achieve the objectives mentioned above.

In this way, our collective does not articulate with the State or the “business community”, nor with any institution or group that does not have such independence. Our effort is the result of solidary partnerships with collectives and individuals in several regions in Brazil, such as Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, or even in other countries.

Combatant and organized, we are sure that neither king nor queen will have a place in a society where there is the overthrow of hierarchies and oppression. We believe that in this way we not only resist, but re-exist, as artists of our own existence.

[Based in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. But with members also residing in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo]
Contact us by email, also if you would like to know more about ordering physical copies of our magazines (only available in Brazilian Portuguese), posters, and Inimiga masks! ainimiga@riseup.net

On Instagram or through the #ainimigadarainha you can follow our latest developments and interact with us directly.

A Inimiga da Rainha #1


Released in 2017.

Available in print, and online in readable and printable form.

A Inimiga da Rainha #2


Released in 2018.

Available in print, and online in readable and printable form.

A Inimiga da Rainha #3


Released in 2019.

Available in print, and online in readable and printable form.

A Inimiga da Rainha #4

Coming soon, in December.
It will be on art as a revolutionary act.
There is still time to participate, if you are interested email us to know more.