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PM Press is an independent, radical publisher of books and media to educate, entertain, and inspire. Founded in 2007 by a small group of people with decades of publishing, media, and organizing experience, PM Press amplifies the voices of radical authors, artists, and activists. Our aim is to deliver bold political ideas and vital stories to all walks of life and arm the dreamers to demand the impossible. We have sold millions of copies of our books, most often one at a time, face to face. We’re old enough to know what we’re doing and young enough to know what’s at stake. Join us to create a better world.


Occult Features of Anarchism: With Attention to the Conspiracy of Kings and the Conspiracy of the Peoples

Erica Lagalisse • Foreword: Barbara Ehrenreich

Uses primary and secondary sources to set straight the history of the Left and illustrate the relationship between revolutionism, pantheistic occult philosophy, and the clandestine fraternity.

Between Earth and Empire: From the Necrocene to the Beloved Community

John P. Clark

Between Earth and Empire explores specific examples to present a vision of hope for social and ecological regeneration.

Anarchy, Geography, Modernity: Selected Writings of Elisée Reclus

Elisée Reclus • Editors John P. Clark and Camille Martin

A comprehensive introduction to the thought of this anarchist geographer and political theorist analyzing his sweeping historical and theoretical synthesis.

The Impossible Community: Realizing Communitarian Anarchism, Second Edition

John P. Clark

This book offers a fresh and highly readable reformulation of anarchist social and political theory to develop a communitarian anarchist solution.

Maroon Comix: Origins and Destinies

Editor: Quincy Saul, Illustrators: Seth Tobocman, Mac McGill and Songe Riddle

A fire on the mountain where maroon words and images meet to tell stories together.

Liberating Sápmi: Indigenous Resistance in Europe’s Far North

Gabriel Kuhn

This book is a stunning journey through Sápmi and includes in-depth interviews with Sámi activists and artists boldly standing up for the rights of their people.

Mutual Aid: An Illuminated Factor of Evolution

Peter Kropotkin

Every page of this new edition of Mutual Aid has been beautifully illustrated by N.O. Bonzo and includes artwork by GATS and insightful commentary by David Graeber, Ruth Kinna, Andrej Grubacic, and Allan Antliff.

Beyond the Periphery of the Skin: Rethinking, Remaking, and Reclaiming the Body in Contemporary Capitalism

Silvia Federici

Federici surveys the paradigms that govern how the body is conceived and the disciplinary regimes state and capital are deploying in response to mounting revolt against the daily attacks on our everyday reproduction.

Re-enchanting the World: Feminism and the Politics of the Commons

Silvia Federici • Foreword: Peter Linebaugh

This collection centers on women and reproductive work as crucial to both economic survival and the construction of a world free from the hierarchies and divisions of capital.