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Marxism & Witchcraft

David Kubrin

Utopian-communitarian, historian and philosopher of science, co-founder of the Liberation School, Bay Area witch, associate of Starhawk, David Kubrin has penned his magnum opus, ranging from a critique of Marx and Engels’ theories of religion to the spiritual ecology of primitivism, from the hermetic imperialism of John Dee to Newton’s occult alchemical cosmogony, from Aryan techgnosis to coming digital tsunamis, from the trance of mechanism and the enslavement to leisure on to the not-soFinal Conflict. Will you be riding a broomstick to the insurrection?

Aesthetics, Necropolitics and Environmental Struggle

Critical Art Ensemble

Aesthetics, Necropolitics and Environmental Struggle takes a deep look at the elephant in the Anthropocene. This book calls the bluff on the unacknowledged relationsihip with death that has long haunted environmental positions from the far left to the far right. Digging deep into the philosophical underpinnings of the many anthro- and enviro-isms, CAE returns with overlooked contradictions that have been historically and strategically ignored. Despite its unflinching look at the politics of death, the book remains approachable and highly readable, and it won’t have you tighening a noose around your own neck.  ISBN:9781570273377   168pp.    6”x9”    $16.95

A Hero in Art  The Vanished Traces of Richard Hambleton: A Bionovel

Istvan Kantor

The creator of three major multi-city street art series, Image Mass Murder, I Only Have Eyes for You and Shadow Figures, Richard Hambleton is remembered as a visionary underground artist, a daring pioneer of urban interventionist art, a heroic idol of graffiti artists. Esteemed to be the godfather of street art, he was one of the principal players of the new wave of visual arts that erupted in New York’s East Village and its neighboring Lower East Side in the early 80s and gave rise to a new breed of defiant guerrilla fighters striving against conformist museum art. In this biographic novel, author Istvan Kantor, aka Monty Cantsin, the founder of Neoism and an early friend of Richard Hambleton, tells the eventful, inspiring but also dark story of the world famous street artist and renegade junky. Through his own, sometime very personal experiences, added with recollections by others and fused into a dramatically flowing narrative, Kantor/Cantsin reports on the art and times of Richard Hambleton, his falls and rises, highs and lows, told with honesty, passion and audacity. Introduction by Anthony Haden-Guest. ISBN: 9781570273667  136pp.  6”x9”   $15.95

Critique of the Image… Is the Defense of the Imagination

Peter Lamborn Wilson, editor

Essays on the politics of the image, with contributions from Peter Lamborn Wilson, David Levi Strauss, Carolee Schneemann, Robert Kelly, Diane Di Prima, Charles Stein, Ivan Illich, Michael Taussig, Christopher Bamford, and Gerrit Lansing. “Many of these texts bear witness to something like a crisis in the nature and function of the image in our time due to the wild acceleration of image-production and dissemination through digital media; but our common concern with the relation between image and magic and image and media notwithstanding, the essays are not assembled under a single attitude, other than their concern  with images; and certainly not because they represent an overarching generalization about what it is possible to think and say on the subject. They exhibit something like a welter of underground connections that are rather to be explored than summed up.  It is hoped that their presentation together will elicit a rich and mutually resonating field of reflection that might enable us not only to see images and their efficacy afresh, but perhaps most urgently, to see through them: to find their virtues and powers as essential to life, but fraught with dangerous exigencies.” 
ISBN: 9781570273704   260pp.   6”x9”   $19.95

The American Revolution as a Gigantic Real Estate Scam And Other Essays in Lost / Found History

Peter Lamborn Wilson

Six previously uncollected essays in alternative history —- maybe even “lost/found” history — from the author of Sacred Drift, Pirate Utopias, Heresies, riverpeople, Escape from the 19th Century, and many more. “The American Revolution As A Gigantic Real Estate Scam” establishes the acutely “revisionist” mood; another essay touching on early American history, “Toland, Blake and the American Druids,” follows. Then, a pair of essays on the scandal of eugenics in America: “Jukes in Utopia,” about a family oppressed by Eugenicists in upstate New York, and “The Monkey Trial: A Revisionist Interpretation.” Finally, two essays on anarchist themes: “The Coffeehouse Republic,” on Gustav Landauer and the Munich Soviet of 1919, and “Brand: An Italian Anarchist and His Dream,” on Enrico Arrigoni, “the last of the Italian left-wing Stirnerite individualists” and his amazing insurrectionism and illegalism. Color. ISBN:9781570273575   178pp.   6×9”   $17.95

A Foreigner in Hades

Philip Rostek

A Foreigner in Hades recalls the NYC underground during the decade of the 80 s by author Philip Rostek. An empty lot at the corner of Forsyth and Rivington St. became a seedbed of collaborative interaction that was known to that community as the Sculpture Garden The book portrays a unique slant on the social navigation that radiated from that location during those turbulent times. Hardbound. Color images throughout. ISBN: 9781570273629  106pp.  8½”x11”   $25

Abraham A Novel


“Charles Olson said that if he ever wrote about the American Civil War, he’d inscribe what he wrote to Frank O’Hara. Sparrow’s Abraham does the opposite — it is the book that Frank O’Hara would have written about the American Civil War if he’d lived upstate, attuned to the materiality of everyday life, listening to the ghosts hiding in books found in small town libraries and yard sales, and the clamor of history discovered in a parking lot in Boiceville, NY, while waiting for a ride home.” — Marcus Boon   ISBN:9781570273612  180pp.    6”x9”    $17.95

Riotous Epistemology: Imaginary Power, Art, and Insurrection

Richard Gilman-Opalsky and Stevphen Shukaitis

Riots. Revolts. Revolutions. All flashing moments which throw the world – and our relationship with it – into question. For centuries people have pinned their hopes on radical political change, on turning worlds upside down. But all too often the ever-renewed dream of changing the world for the better has ended either in failure or has been crushed. Riotous Epistemology explores the significance of taking seriously the intellect of revolt, uprising as thinking, art as upheaval, and other forms of philosophy from below. To theorize revolt and subversive art practices as philosophy from below, it is necessary to refute conventional understandings of art and philosophy. IBN:9781570273599   84pp.  6”x9”  $15

Among the Boat People  A Memoir of Vietnam

Nhi Manh Chung

“In this eye-opening, often heart-wrenching memoir, Nhi Manh Chung tells of escaping Vietnam by boat (three of her family members didn’t survive the journey) and settling in New York City. Her hardships gradually ease as she works her way through college, marries, and works as a bilingual teacher in public schools. In one telling episode, she takes her Amerasian students to see Miss Saigon and offers an incisive critique of the show — from a Vietnamese point of view. Eventually, she revisits the place where she grew up and finds that ‘going back to Vietnam was as important for what it prompted me to remember as for what I could see.’ She presents those memories here, and what she says will rivet the attention of anyone who recalls that ‘dirty little war’.”— Thaddeus Rutkowski  ISBN:9781570273544  128pp.  6×9”   $15.95

Thibault or the Secrets of the Sea

Peter Lamborn Wilson

Along with Vanished Signs and Lucky Shadows, this volume contains all that Peter Lamborn Wilson wants to save of his Collected Poems, 1999–2014. In all he has published about 60 books, which have been translated into some 16 languages (the most recent being Greek) in such areas  as sufi studies and  Persian literature, alternate history, political theory and anarchism, art criticism, fiction and belles lettres. Among his next books will be Cauda pavonis: Esoteric Antinomianism in Yezidi Tradition (Three Hands Press). He has lived in Hindoostan, Persia,  England and Ireland, and now resides in the former Dutch colony of NE Turtle Island. ISBN:9781570273674  178pp.   6”x9”  $15.00