Antenna/Paper Machine

Artist books printed at paper machine in New Orleans published by the non profit artist collective Antenna. Paper Machine is a 5000 sq ft printshop in the Lower 9th Ward housing a range of traditional and cutting edge print technologies, to enhance, amplify, and explore New Orleans’s rich printing heritage while providing significant opportunities for artists and residents of the Lower Ninth Ward and beyond.

As a project of Antenna, the space opened in 2017, housing the organization’s printing and publication efforts, studios for print based artists, a huge Rube-Goldberg-style sculptural print machine, and the Artist Book Collection. Paper Machine offers artist-driven exhibitions, programs, and classes exploring the boundaries of print technologies.

Apply to Antenna’s open calls!

Apply to Antenna’s open calls! You could publish your comic or chapbook , or receive a month long publication residency at Paper Machine. Deadline October 22


Brandon Ballengée

A survey of species of the Gulf of Mexico commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Fui Sin Haber Nacido

Gabrielle Garcia-Steib

Produced during Gabrielle Garcia-Steib’s residency at Paper Machine, Fui Sin Haber Nacido is a documentation the artist’s relationship with Latin America and a commemoration of her ancestors who found sanctuary in New Orleans, and for those who seek it today.

Snake Juice and Constellations

A collection of drawings by Natalie McLaurin and text by Rae Jacobson playfully explores internal and external judgements during early motherhood. 

Do No Harm

Kate Lacour

This exploration dives into the collection of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, focusing on those techniques which today we realize are quite harmful. Written and illustrated.


Devin Reynolds

This artist book by Devin Reynolds operates as a loving tribute to his father, Mojo, as well as a catalog and glimpse into Reynolds’ process of developing the April 2018 exhibition, Tyrone Don’t Surf.

The Collected Adventures of the Afro Brother Spacemen

The 2017 collected anthology of the work of New Orleans based artist John Slade, featuring all six issues of his self-published epic comic including exclusive extras.


Ursa Eyer


Molly Rideout

How to Do a Few Unrelated things

Sophie Lucido Johnson