Artificiality Distro

Artificiality Distro is oriented towards producing & distributing zines, pamphlets, and other grassroots autonomous media that promote the anarchistic critique of state, capital, nationalism, organized religion, colonialism/imperialism, and any other forms of authoritarianism, including all social relationships based upon hierarchy. We promote marginalized perspectives and have a strong emphasis towards green/eco-anarchist viewpoints.

Also, we are advocates for autonomous social centers & infoshops that allow for physical commons for people to meet to create face-to-face communities.

Zines that emphasize non-hierarchical/horizontal social organizing, grassroots mutual aid, squatting or autonomous vehicle dwelling or collective community housing, critiques of dominant ideas that reinforce relationships of power, and similar topics & ideas related to anarchistic ethics and ways of living.

Small selection of images related to zines we carry (zines from, Sprout Distro, Indigenous Action Media, Crimethinc, essays from Fifth Estate magazine, anarcha library, and other great resources that makeup a large selection of zines we carry):