AmazoniAlerta is an app designed for the people of the Amazon to share, securely, anonymously and in real time, critical information on attacks on them and the forest: land invasions; illegal mining, logging and deforestation; and assaults and killings.

The app is simple and easy to use for anyone with an Android handset, supporting old as well as newer models, that are sufficiently common in frontline areas of the region to make AmazoniAlerta a viable proposition.

On encountering an incident, users open the app to create an alert. The time, date and location are automatically recorded. The users select the type of event from a menu (Deforestation, Fire, Land invasion, etc),, optionally, an explanatory text. Symbolic alternatives to text within the app encourage users of all languages and literacy levels. alerts are anonymous. To account for limited cellular coverage in the region, if offline, the app saves alerts and automatically sends them when a connection becomes available.

Once sent, every alert is stored and distributed in AmazoniAlerta’s Blockchain network, a defining feature of the platform. This means that:

  • The timestamp and geolocation of each alert is digitally watermarked, thus indisputable, maximizing the evidentiary value of the information collected by AmazoniAlerta.
  • AmazoniAlerta’s information cannot be hacked, erased, corrupted or otherwise altered by bad actors.