2 x 2 Periodical

2×2 is a free monthly periodical that can be found at libraries and small businesses around the city. As bookstore perusers, coffeehouse sitters and reading attenders, we believe that education can thrive outside of self-contained institutions. What’s more, 2×2 loves all that is changeable and self-conscious, dialectic and discursive, confrontational and uncanonized. Contact us by email at 2x2periodical@gmail.com


2×2 Mixtape

Scissors and glue, scissors and glue – collage can be made of sound, too. In this tape the 2×2 board of directors flit through musicalities, from bird songs to music boxes, Elizabeth Cotten to Piano Magic. Presumably, music is a living thing, so handle with care. Comes on yellow cassette. J-card color varies

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2×2 Poetry Review

A loving perusal of poetics, from a medieval bestiary to Fred Moten’s revolutionary prose.
Topics may or may not include: William Carlos Williams a VHEMer? Emily Dickenson a NIMBY? What does Ingeborg Bachmann mean by ‘cloudball’? Is Anthrax by the Gang of Four
polyphonic, or just Steinian genius – both talking and listening at the same time? When Adrianne Kennedy mandates ‘smell of blood’ in her stage directions, how do we comply?

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2×2 Bird Review

As a staunchly bird-friendly publication, 2×2 explores a selection of topics that pertain to our avian peers. How might we be friend to the bird? Be worthy of the bird? Why do we keep
building skyscrapers? Is the lyrebird making fun of us? Like Coleridge we wonder, do you ask
what the birds say? The sparrow, the dove? The linnet and thrush say “I love and I love!”

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2×2 Bug Tote Bag

Tote bags are the best way to show the world that you read and what, when you’re reading, it is you read. If anyone, anywhere, has ever doubted that you read, then this bag is for you. If
you’ve ever been reading but wondered – what if I’m not really here, reading this – then you’ll
probably want to grab one as well.
Large heavyweight canvas totes (17 ¾ x 15 ¾ x 6 ¼). Hand-screen printed by 2×2 demiurges.
Slight variances may occur.

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2×2 Back Issues

All 5 extant issues of 2×2, signed, sealed and delivered. Yours!

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2×2 Quarantine Issue

Over the past few months, while we’ve all been at home and our usual drop-off spots have been
closed, 2×2 has been posting content in small pieces online. Here we’ve compiled all those
internet posts into a physical issue. This time it’s legal sized!

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The Misery of Cities

From the airwaves to the page, TMoC, the syndicated Boston radio program, hashes out
musical stepchildren and underdogs. From Felt to the paisley underground, cassette rarities to Peel Sessions, herein lies a deep dive into the whole circumference of alternative.

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Inclusive Clamroom

Catie Rogers

This zine briefly touches upon the effects of inclusive classroom design through sealife imagery.

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Another Marxist Primer

An illustrated crash course in Marxism as a path to revolution.

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