In the spirit of building self-governing alternative systems necessary for a non-capitalist existence, we offer these workshops to lay the groundwork for new worlds based on anarchist principles of solidarity, mutual aid, autonomy, cooperation, direct action, and free association.

Over 70 live and prerecorded sessions presented by a wide spectrum of activists, scholars, poets, artists, radical healers, communities, and groups. Workshops range across theory and praxis, and participants can expect to engage in discussion, knowledge, skill, and information exchange on issues such as food autonomy, anarchist justice systems, ecological liberation and regeneration, resistance organizing, indigenous solidarity, decolonizing presents and futures, abolition, radical communal care, international anarchist movements, anti-state repression, and a wide array of anarchist histories and practices.

Check out our workshop with Silvia Federici: Creating Autonomous Communities

Please also take a look at the Radical Care tab on our website for more live workshops.