The Radical Care Space is a virtual chill, relaxed, healing to tune into the potential of being full-flesh star-gazers for ritual, dialogue, healing, skill-sharing and collective action social global gathering space, centred towards the bodies that disrupting the linear/dominant narrative & takes a decolonial, abolitionist perspective.

The Radical Care Space is for creating a new future rooted in reciprocity where everyone’s needs are met, not just the needs of a few. Understanding that trauma has its roots in systemic oppression, we are manifesting radical care for all who have been oppressed.

The Radical Care Space offers intersectional, interdisciplinary care practices and workshops – healers, organizers & beyond who see the benefit of embodied learned experiences outside of mainstream medical norms, Big Pharma & the Wellness Industrial Complex as knowledge and healing – extending into protest first aid, street medics, radical herbalism, sex work, queer weedy plant witchy shamanism, building care collectives & networks, addressing trauma’s roots in systemic oppression & land reclamation all as forms of healing.

Dr Lewis Mehl-Madrone writes that in Lakota tradition, when somebody gets ill,  the community says “thank you.” Illnesses, in a way, represent some dysfunction in our whole community, because we are not separate: your body is not separate from your mind,

and your mind is not separated from the rest of our minds. We co-create each other so your illnesses represents some dysfunction, some imbalance in the whole community. So your healing is our healing. What people need is community, contact, compassion, and safety.

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