The future is unwritten


Fierce imperialism, strategic fascism, deadly forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, genocide, ecocide, the brutal violence of states (across all political spectrums), and the general suffering of humans and nonhumans are just some of the forces that characterize the time in which we live and endure.While we all experience these forces differently – and recognizing how systems of oppression intersect is vital – we must unite in the fight against them.

As anarchists, we hold that revolution has already begun. Not as a definite moment in which we transcend from dystopia to utopia, but rather as a set of continuous acts carried out by revolutionaries in all corners of the globe. Actions united by the will to build a new world.

A world free from all forms of exploitation of human and non-human life. One that grows from seeds embedded in the cracks of the state, fertilized by the ashes of capitalism and imperialism, and rebelliously nurtured by the actions of dreamers and revolutionaries.

In the apparent absence of hope, many turn to the state as a divine savior – a bastion of light in a crumbling world or, for the Statists, a target to take over and control through violent revolution – but we have seen how this creates conditions as violent and repressive as the systems claimed to be overthrown. Alternatively, some may appeal through submissive electoralism, and this in itself produces similarly ineffective , perhaps even harmful, results.

We know we’ve reached a tipping point (both ecologically and socially) where there is no room for piecemeal reform. There is no room for ambiguity. So it’s up to us – the dreamers of new worlds – to push forward! Through direct action, many have already started to carve this path [and] experiment with new ways of life (and we take this opportunity to extend our acknowledgment to these people).

All our solidarity to trans, queer, and non binary people; [the] Black Lives Matter [movement]; the Indigenous resistors of fascism, global warming and cultural violence; all poets, musicians, dancer[s] journalists, artists, bikers, vegans. All the community gardens people that provide [autonomous] places for [ecological revolution /and] social healing. All hackers, antifascists everywhere, political prisoners, anarchists that strike anonymously…To all front line anarka-feminists in continuous revolutions, for all of you who read this and create your own new words, languages, senses, spaces, rhythms and dimensions what no money can buy. because It belongs to our soul and passion for freedom!

The concept of this year’s New York City Anarchist Book Fair, therefore, is Direct Action!

The ABF is dedicated to promoting the various voices of anarchism—excluding that dangerous perversion and lie called “anarchocapitalism.” Against any kind of politician or State, we say without hesitation: fuck capitalism and Communists;  we are anarchists,

This year we invited many different kinds of activists to represent anarchism in its many expressions.

We’re starting the day off with adrienne maree browns, who will bring to us “visions of the possible worlds humans can build.”

Next, Time Bank will give to us a practical workshop on how to build a time bank for your collective or community— we believe that time bank systems, as have been practiced by anarchists and anticapitalists around the world, offers a way of escaping currency based systems.

Following this, our beloved poet Tongo Eisen-Martin, who like a machine gun will shoot poetic words at all of us. Last year we cried, laughed, and hugged each other in hearing his words. We’re eager to hear him speak in this this poetic interlude again. 

After a brief break comes Art In Times Of Chaos, presented by the much cherished N.O. Bonzo and Neala Schleuning, an anarchist thinker and philosopher who raises many questions on aesthetics, climate change, and alternate possibilities in this age dominated by fragmentation. They will be joined by anarchist artists from Estonia, Greece, and Brazil.

With us this year is also Sônia Guajajara, an indigenous leader and activist. She will be in conversation with Noam Chomsky, talking about Anarchism and the Indigenous Struggle. This year, Sônia Guajajara is running for Federal Deputy to the state of São Paulo in Brazil. In a country in which —like many— control of the land political atmosphere is increasingly dominated by white fascist guns, we support Sônia and the APIB in their collective efforts to increase the space for Indigenous self-representation. We know how easy is to criticize and shut down others, yet it is important to remember that it is the Indigenous people in Brazil who are fighting on the frontlines against Agribusiness and the destroyers of the Amazon and the biomes of the continent. Yet nothing should remain uncriticized—there is nothing anarchist about passively watching someone speak. We invite other Indigenous people to present their opinions on electoral participation of marginalized communities, especially when it concerns the current situation in Brazil. This is a really complex situation that we want understand and talk directly to people involved.

The following workshop will see John P. Clark and scott crow discuss Clark’s new book titled The Impossible Community. Here they introduce to us the current state of Left organizing in the face of “social and ecological catastrophe,” and how communitarian anarchism may offer a solution. Drawing on real-world examples, Clark and scott show us how anarchist principles have been mobilized all around the world to strengthen and increase communal liberation.

At 5:30pm, William C. Anderson and Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin will present Beyond Politics as Usual: New Radicalism and Autonomy. In this conversation, both important authors, activists, and commentators, will discuss the pitfalls of clinging to outdated tactics and dogmatic thinking. New times require new approaches and political evolution can help us gain new ground. This discussion will be about the possibilities of bold new theory, organizing, and praxis for the crises we’re facing in today’s world.

The final workshop sees Raymond Craib and Silvia Federici in dialogue on the concept of Commoning, Libertarian Exit, and Liberation, which will explore themes from Craib’s new book titled Adventure Capitalism, as well as Federici’s Re-enchanting the World. We’ll be met with critiques of modern capitalist movements–such as those of “libertarian exit”— and proposals of what a “common,” and the act of “commoning” should look like from an anti-capitalist and feminist perspective.

Finally, we will close off with Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore reciting some of her own poetry and literature!






with rage and anarchic love,