Direct Action On Screen – Sep 10 – 8-11pm

War in Ukraine (Channel 5, 2022, 13mins)

Coverage of the ongoing War in Ukraine. It begins in the western city of Lviv and features interviews with the city’s mayor, as well as Jake Hanrahan of the anarchist Popular Front and several refugees both in Ukraine and across the border in Poland.

Support the Fight for Freedom in Kurdistan (subMedia, 2022, 5mins)

An overview of the current state of struggle in the autonomous Kurdish region of Rojava, located in Northern Syria. Details the incredible fight for liberation (against all odds) and calls on all of us to pitch in to ensure this shining example of a libertarian socialist revolution continues, despite vicious attacks from fascists on all sides.

Women’s Revolution – “Şoreşa Jin” (23mins, 2020)

Kongreya Star was founded in 2005 and originally called Yekîtîya Star. Under the fierce oppression of Bashar Al Assad’s Ba’th regime, women in towns and villages across the northern areas of Syria began to come together and organize themselves, creating a strong basis for the confederated women’s movement. Kongreya Star plays an active role in organizing women across all areas of life: education, culture and arts, economics, self-defense, social affairs, problem-solving and justice, politics, local government, ecology, press, media and international relations.

We Are Now (Crimethinc., 2021, 22mins)

At the high point of the George Floyd Rebellion, cop-free zones sprung up from coast to coast. As they were unfolding, Atlanta police killed Rayshard Brooks, a black father of four. Angry demonstrators torched the Wendy’s where Brooks was shot, occupied it, and defended it from police and Klansmen for 24 days. “We Are Now” is a small window into the delicate moments of freedom—joyous and tragic—that filled the autonomous zones of summer 2020.

The Inferno (Cinema Committee, 2022, 54mins)

An incomplete portrait of global resistance from winter 2021 to spring 2022.

Sonia Guajajara – Bancada Do Cocar (Black, 2022, 4mins)

Vibrant document of indigenous resistance to the fascist regime in Brazil. Proving that the political imagination is alive and well in our shared world.

anti-copaganda piece’ (cine movil, 2022, 15mins [TBC])