Poster 2022 by Mark He

September 10th and 11th, 2022

La Plaza Community Garden (10th) and virtually (11th)

AnarkoArt Lab with Baltic Artist Festival (9/10) (11am-7pm)

La Plaza Community Garden

(with the support of Non Grata, AnarkoArt Lab, and Grace Space)

16th Annual Emma Goldman Film Festival (9/10) (7:30pm until late)

(in collaboration with CineMóvil NYC)

Tompkins Sq. Park and La Plaza Community Garden

(the Emma Goldman Film Festival is now accepting submissions!)

as crimethinc writes, “The future is unwritten”

Fierce imperialism, strategic fascism, deadly forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, genocide, ecocide, the brutal violence of states (across all political spectrums), and the general suffering of humans and nonhumans are just some of the forces that characterize the time in which we live and endure.While we all experience these forces differently – and recognizing how systems of oppression intersect is vital – we must unite in the fight against them.

As anarchists, we hold that revolution has already begun. Not as a definite moment in which we transcend from dystopia to utopia, but rather as a set of continuous acts carried out by revolutionaries in all corners of the globe. Actions united by the will to build a new world.
A world free from all forms of exploitation of human and non-human life. One that grows from seeds embedded in the cracks of the state, fertilized by the ashes of capitalism and imperialism, and rebelliously nurtured by the actions of dreamers and revolutionaries.
In the apparent absence of hope, many turn to the state as a divine savior – a bastion of light in a crumbling world or, for the Statists, a target to take over and control through violent revolution – but we have seen how this creates conditions as violent and repressive as the systems claimed to be overthrown. Alternatively, some may appeal through submissive electoralism, and this in itself produces similarly ineffective results.

We know we’ve reached a tipping point (both ecologically and socially) where there is no room for piecemeal reform. There is no room for ambiguity. So it’s up to us – the dreamers of new worlds – to push forward! Through direct action, many have already started to carve this path [and] experiment with new ways of life (and we take this opportunity to extend our acknowledgment to these people).

All our solidarity [to] trans, queer, and non binary people; [the] Black Lives Matter [movement]; the Indigenous resistors of fascism, global warming and cultural violence; all poets, musicians, dancer[s] journalists, artists, bikers, vegans. All the community gardens people that provide [autonomous] places for [ecological revolution /and] social healing. All hackers, antifascists everywhere, political prisoners, anarchists that strike anonymously…To all front line anarka-feminists in continuous revolutions, for all of you who read this and create your own new words, languages, senses, spaces, rhythms and dimensions what no money can buy. because It belongs to our soul and passion for freedom!

The concept of this year’s New York City Anarchist Book Fair, therefore, is Direct Action! We would like your collective contribution to fill our blog with your thoughts, testimonials, essays and art(s) related to Direct Action now and everywhere.



RESIST always




with freedom, rage, anarchism, and love,

NYCABF Collective