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Brazil / France / Lithuania – Virtual Exhibition

The Brazilian government wants to pass a new law to open up the heart of Amazon to devastating industrial projects, and legalize the expulsion of indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands. The Brazilian government is pushing draft bill PL490 that will essentially legalize genocide.

But there is hope: if the people from all over the world are against the genocide of indigenous people, and destruction of Amazonia Forest, our pressure could tip the balance.

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We expected $75.000 but we got $320.000 — $150.000 went to APIB (Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation) and $170.000 went to Kuñangue Aty Guasu – Assembly of Guarani and Kaiowa Indigenous Women.

Take responsibility, this fight is also yours.

The Indigenous from Brazil are in the front line of this fight and we are with them.

You can be with us posting your art at

Think about it…. and act

“Sangue Indigena nenhuma gota a mais” / “Indigenous blood no more any drop”

This is a site-specific performance social sculpture ritual by our group Anarkoartlab on August 25, 2021 in front of the supreme court in Brasília, together with 6,000 indigenous people from all over Brazil. Our intention with this ritual is to stop the destruction of the Forests and stop killing indigenous people. This Ritual was done through the cleansing of the blood energies of our indigenous ancestors, animals and forests that were abused, tortured and brutally murdered by Imperialism from the corporations and Brazilian Government.

We hope that with this cleansing we raise awareness to what is happening now in Brasil.

If we want to stay alive on this planet, it is our responsibility to leave the indigenous people and the forests in PEACE. At this moment, was created the international artistic solidarity [IAS] between artists and indigenous peoples.

Then another campaign that also was successful: supporting anarchist firefighters fighting forest fires in Brazil

We expected $3000, but got $3600!

[Thanks everybody that collaborated with Brazilian anarchists Firefighters / they will be at the book fair this year with a workshop].

Non Grata – Estonia – Virtual Exhibition

Non Grata “Phenix” 2018 Montage by Habitant One 2019 Performance

Drawings From Luis Robaayo Gomez

Colombia – Virtual exhibition

Yannis Youlountas


LET’S NOT LIVE LIKE SLAVES film in English (2013, creative commons)


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shiri mordechay – Israel

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Artemis Beasts – Lithuania – USA

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searching of who one is 

SEARCHING for the physical and mental liberation

for the state of wholeness

But Can we truly find our freedom when we take it away from others ?

Identifying areas for change and improvement

we are learning

in reflection

Jacob Cohen

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Noah LeBien

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In Person at the Art Festival 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Andrew Yoon – USA Korea

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Andrew Yoon