Oct 2, at 7:30pm in Person at
Tompkins Square Park

Oct 3, Online at

Shorts Program

Cinema Committee

  • Westworld Season 4: The Oakland Uprising (2020, 6min)
  • Westworld Season 4: The Los Angeles Uprising (2020, 6min)
  • Westworld Season 4: The Golden State Uprising (2020, 13min)
  • A trilogy of short films depicting the 2020 George Floyd Uprising in California.

The Real Threat to Our Safety

(Ron Sakolsky and Justin Jezewski, 2019, 4min).

A careening collage, a call to fight back.

What is Representation?

(submedia, 2021, 11min)

In this installment of A is for Anarchy we discuss the politics of representation and the role it has historically played in adapting and shaping systems of control.

O Jirau da Hydro

(Márcio Crux, 2018, 6min)

On February 17, 2018, photos were leaked to the press showing the leakage of aluminum mining debris from Hidro Alunorte’s deposit basin. The company and the State government denied the incident. However, an independent research facility, the Evandro Chagas Institute, released a report a few days later confirming the aluminum contaminations in several areas of the Barcarena municipality. The lives of this Amazonian population were directly affected by yet another environmental disaster caused by a foreign company.

To Stop the Fascist Coup!

(Antimídia, 2021, 12min)

While hundreds of thousands of people fall victim to COVID-19 throughout the territory occupied by the Brazilian state, Bolsonaro is preparing to ensure his control of the state: spreading propaganda of electoral fraud, arming his supporters, and seeking to gain more control over the police. How to stop him and prevent us from being controlled by an even more authoritarian and violent regime?


(Milla Films & Colectivo VlopCinema, 2020, 20min)

In the face of the rising brutal authoritarianism of the Piñera regime in so-called Chile, Dissidents relates how diverse movements united in the streets in the Social Revolts that began on October 18th, 2019. These historical struggles not only offer context for today’s revolts but also offer tools that continue to be adopted by movements around the world, from the spread of performances of ‘La Tesis’ to as far as so-called Turkey to the front-line tactics used in so-called Columbia and beyond. Dissidents is a web series made up of four, five-minute, chapters that immerse you in the first person lived experiences of the Social Revolts in Chile that began on October 18, 2019.

Letter from Paula

(VlopCinema Collective, 2021, 4min)

Paula is a political prisoner, falsely accused during Chile’s Social Revolts. We use found footage and her letters to map her story. Experience the reality shared by thousands of young Chileans, who are being framed by police and are struggling to survive years of pretrial detention. Our experimental short film is made with S-8mm format home movies from Memorias Celuloides.


(Sheena Matheiken, 2020, 20min)

A warm autumn day in Mexico City. An 11-year-old Korean girl mysteriously wakes up in the home of a curmudgeonly old Mexican man. One of the lesser-known aspects of the major earthquake from a few years ago was the very high numbers of Asian garment workers (many undocumented) who were working in unregulated and unsafe factories that were toppled. A perfect example of how a seemingly natural disaster is made infinitely worse by an already existing capitalist catastrophe.

Feature Program

An Injury to One

(Travis Wilkerson, 2003, 53min)

A corrective—and absolutely compelling—glimpse of a particularly volatile moment in early 20th century American labor history: the rise and fall of Butte, Montana. Specifically, it chronicles the mysterious death of Wobbly organizer Frank Little, a story whose grisly details have taken on a legendary status in the state. Much of the extant evidence is inscribed upon the landscape of Butte and its surroundings. Thus, a connection is drawn between the unsolved murder of Little, and the attempted murder of the town itself.

Total Runtime: 155 min