The AnarkoArtLab is a collective of new-media, visual artists, performers, musicians, dancers, poets, filmmakers,etc. For the past years has been conducting experimental, interdisciplinary art happenings. The collective grew to be a large amorphous group that presented live and participatory events; we create a CONCEPT and it becomes a LIVE, collaborative, multi-media art experience that is immersive and participatory. The AnarkoArtLab has grown into a vibrant community exchanging and experimenting with ideas about art, equality, collectivity and anarchy in action!

Tribute to Toyen (Anarchist/Dadaist)

Toyen (21 September 1902, Prague – 9 November 1980, Paris) was a painter, drafter, illustrator and a member of surrealist movement. He adapted name Toyen in 1923 and used male pronouns for himself (some art historians insist on using female pronouns). His chosen name Toyen can be understood as “to je on” meaning this is ...

One Billion Rising Collaborative Printmaking Project

The One Billion Rising Collaborative Printmaking Project was initially proposed by the activists of Gangjeong village (a village in Jeju Island, South Korea, that has been fighting for more than 10 years against the construction of a naval base). We conducted 13 workshops all around Korea, and created a 13-meter banner from them.  

“One Billing Rising Resistance” was an international joint action initiated to end violence against women. Given that one in three women in the world experiences violence or rape in their lifetime, the total number reaches one billion. The participants of “One Billion Rising Resistance” danced together to show the survivors as they are and to inform people of the injustices they face, as well as the reality in which no one is penalized for these acts. Through dancing, we expressed aspects of life and solidarity that do not succumb to violence.

Hong Kong Solidarity Event

We made a poster and t-shirts and sold them to donate funds in solidarity with the Hong Kong struggle (2019).

BLM Solidarity Event

infoshop cafe byulkkol

We held an event to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement. We discussed the BLM movement, made silkscreens, and distributed them.