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We start 2020 celebrating the life and energy of 2 comrades that now are in free energy
from the anarkoartlab : Taylor Sakarett
from the anarchist bookfair: David Emanuel

We are grateful for having you in our path. You collaborated with us here and now and forever – everything is alive –

in Animism and in anarchy





The Anarchist Art Festival donations from its 2019 events have been entirely passed onto the Brazilian amazon based Marytykwawara Awaete Indigenous People. Thank you for your support! Learn more about the Marytykwawara Awaete:




We stand with our brothers and sisters in their struggle

for Freedom and Solidarity. Utopia will not die.

Learn more about the situation in Rojava:


Thank you to everyone who came to the


it takes a village! 


2019 NYC ABF Poster


The NYC Anarchist Book Fair aims to offer a space for people to connect with one another as well as to provide broader access to the rich and varied spectrum of anarchist ideas and practices. Now is the perfect time to explore these ideas and practices and to bring them into play in our communities and the world.

Listen Here: A conversation with Ben Morea at the XIII NYC Anarchist Book Fair 


Fri (9/6) Art Festival     + Sat (9/7) BookfairWorkshops, Panels, Skill-shares  Film Festival


2019 Poster image by Ben Morea: Listen to him talking about anarchist art, animism, revolution and more for Art Grind 






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The NYC ABF is a space for exchange of books, zines, pamphlets, thoughts, art, and other cultural and political productions of the worldwide anarchist scene.

The Book Fair includes:

  • books, zines, pamphlets, music, audio-visual media, art, t-shirts and more
  • workshops (panels, skill-shares and presentations)
  • an Art Festival
  • a Film Festival
  • a Music Night


The NYC Anarchist Bookfair Collective stands against hate speech, white supremacy, fascism and oppression. Read our anarchx-feminist manifesto.

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In light of public statements that ANTIFA could pose threats to the people, the NYC Anarchist Bookfair reminds: People known to be killed by ANTIFA in the past 10 yrs in the USA = 0 (zero)