___________________11th NYC Anarchist Book Fair___________________





This year honouring 

Immigrant & Anarchist Emma Goldman

and remembering her persecution on the 100th anniversary of her prison sentence. 

The 11th Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair, Art, Film and Music Festicals will take place on Saturday May 13, 2017 (Bookfair, FilmFestival) @ the Judson Memorial Church.


The ANARKO ART LAB will take place on Fri 12th (at Judson), and the Music Night on Sun 14th (Venue to be anounced).  The bookfair will be followed by a city-wide anarchist meeting on Sunday, May 14th at The Base, in Brooklyn.

Send your workshop, tables and join our meetings!

(see below for more info)


  poster made by our anarchist french comrade David Spitzer









 "Issue #37 of Turkish Anarchist Women's newspaper published despite its circulation was banned by the Turkish government. Activists from the Anarsist Kadinlar Collective (Anarchist Women) took to the streets of Istanbul to distribute the new edition (37) of the anarchist newspaper Meydan Gazetesi. In this issue, prepared entirely by women, different themes are dealt with, in particular the International Women's Day celebrated on March 8. ---- On December 22nd the editor of Meydan Gazetesi, Hüseyin Civan, was sentenced to 1 year and 3 months imprisonment on charges of "making propaganda for the methods of a terrorist organization, constituting coercion, violence or threats through legitimation, exaltation, or stimulation of the use of these methods ". Read the newspaper here:

>> Meydangazetesi.org <<





send us an email nycabf [at] riseup.net  if you want to come

NYC ANARCHIST BOOK fair next Meeting 

 March 20 at 7pm 

Global Revolution

214 starr st brooklyn (close to L train)




2017 Call For Workshops and Skill Shares

Once again this year, panels, workshops and skill share sessions will happen in parallel to the Book fair at the Judson Church. There is much to talk about this year and we are committed to making the book fair a place where the community can discover and contribute to anarchist perspectives on the spectrum of issues facing our human community today -- not to exclude art, culture, and the struggle for personal expression. to propose a session please answer the questions below and email it back to us at nycabf@riseup.net and using WORKSHOPS in the SUBJECT LINE by March 20th

Selected proposals will be announced by April 7th. All proposals will be considered. Remember, diversity is important to us: we are committed to promoting voices typically underrepresented at mainstream and activist conferences alike whether for reasons of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, income or ability. We are especially interested in hearing from local people presenting on issues of particular relevance to anarchists and other activists in the NYC area.

In response to feedback from previous years, we are also interested in including more praxis-oriented events, as well as ideological discussion, on topics including but not limited to:

* Anarchist history and theory * Queer * Anarchfeminism * Healthcare * Radical parenting * Radical education * Community gardening * Alternatives to capitalist economics * Prisoner support and/or prison abolition * Housing and gentrification * Pirate radio and diy media * Decolonization and anti-imperialism * Active solidarity * Racial justice/anti-oppression * Indigenous sovereignty * Immigrant justice * Strategies for pushing forward a radical agenda in mainstream politics * Ecology * Animal rights


Propose your workshop/skillshare/activity 2017 NYC ANARCHIST BOOK FAIR: Please answer all questions below and send your email application to nycabf@riseup.net

1. What kind of event are you proposing?

□ Talk

□ Panel

□ Workshop

□ Skillshare

□ Theater

□ walking tour

□ Other (please specify)

2. Would you like to do a workshop, panel, presentation in SPANISH?

3. Title and short description of event, including how it fits with the agenda of an anarchist book fair.

4. Name of presenter(s) and brief bio(s), including relationship(s) to the anarchist community.

5. Do you have any equipment needs or other special requests? (please specify)

6. Do you need childcare? Y/N

7. Do you have any preferred time slots? (please specify)

8. Could your event be tailored to appeal to a broader age range and be billed as appropriate for young children or teens? Y/N

If yes, would you be interested in presenting a truncated version of your event in our childcare space?

9. Do you need accommodation in NYC in order to attend the book fair? Y/N


For any other questions related to the 11th Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair that are not about proposals, please visit  our website at www.anarchistbookfair.net


OPEN CALL: Anarchist Film Festival 2017
"Envisioning Alternatives" 
On May 13., at 7pm at Judson Church the NYC Anarchist Book Fair will present, once again, a 5-hour video/film marathon about the world we are living in, and what the altenatives are beginning to look like.  
Send in your video and film submissions of works concerning alternatives to the dominant power structures we are fighting against. Share your work, successes and failures, with the broader @ community. Help spawn conversations and new ideas, expand the diversity of tactics in our struggles.
We are looking for artistic manifestations of what the world we want to build is going to look like. Documentaries on horizontal organizing, mutual aid communities, anti-fascst resistance, and the like.  Imagine a world where refugees are welcome, or better yet, a world without refugees, because there are no borders. We also welcome submissions that showcase new and effective methods of resistance.  
email us at -- and include the information below in your email. 
Film title :
Director name: 
Link for film:  
Running time: 
Original language:
Screening formats: 
Aspect ratio: 
Synopsis (100 words): 


(thanks to artivism.com )





Watch: NO BORDERS @submedia visiting the 9th nyc anarchist book fair   

The second episode of “No Borders, Social Struggles across the world” looks at the New York City Anarchist Bookfair, the fight for $15 minimum wage, with music from by Rebel Diaz. https://submedia.tv/stimulator/2016/10/18/no-borders-part-2/

LEARN MORE about the NYC ABF: READ our 10th Anniversary celebration book!  

Including essays from collaborators in Greece and Spain, in addition to the NYC community, pictures, posters, etc.

by AK Press


                                                                                        cover by Lucy Valkury






Link to Photos of 2015 Anarchist Bookfair 


Anarchist Art Festival Video Link: https://vimeo.com/126942470