September 12th – Judson Memorial Church – New York 

Workshops 2019

11:00am – Ends 12:15pm

PopGym: FREE Self defense Workshop ——–GYM

Presented by: PopGym

FREE workshop to learn some introductory skills that will keep you feeling safe. We’ll be covering the basics: stretching, conditioning, technique, and theory, with the hope that participants will leave with some super useful foundations that will aid them in the day-to-day. Open to all ages and levels of experience. Participants should wear clothing in which they are comfortable stretching and sweating.

The Arc of Revolution in France: From the Bastille to the Yellow Vests———-Garden Room

Presented by: Mitchell Abidor, writer and translator.

This talk will examine the arc of France’s revolutionary tradition, from the bourgeois struggles of 1789 through the pre-proletarian demands of the sans culottes, to the Paris Commune, through the anarchists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, to the worker-student struggles of May 68. Analysis of the yellow vest movement and what it means for the future of radical struggle in France.

Cybersecurity Workshop————–Assembly Hall

Presented by: Cypurr Collective

A quick and easy introduction to cybersecurity tools and concepts for activists! Come by to learn about all the ways you can help keep you and your comrades safe in the digital world!

Bereavement in Non-Traditional Relationships———————————Office

Presented by: Mary Conte – from Sabotage

Anarchists, eschewing state sanction of our relationships, may experience lack of sympathy and rejection from some family, friends and society when the person we love dies. Our life choices, made outside of societal norms, are often not understood. This workshop is for people who are bereaved or supporting bereaved friends and are not finding support elsewhere.


12:30pm – Ends 1:45pm

Public Speaking for Anarchists————Balcony

Presented by: Chris Key

At our workshop we will give tips and tricks for how to speak confidently and compellingly to groups of people, whether at a meeting, a march, or a presentation. Whether making an inspiring speech about the awfulness of hierarchical society or just giving a report back about last week’s event, you’ll have the knowledge to give power to your words, and through them power to the movement as a whole.


Decolonize This Place: Movement Generated Theory and Art—-Assembly Hall

Presented by: Amin Husain.

Amin is a co-founding member of MTL, a collective that joins research, aesthetics and activism in its practice. We will discuss decolonial formations in the city, organizing, action, research and aesthetics, through movement publications.


ACT UP and the Ongoing Aids Crisis ———–GYM

Presented by: ACT UP NY.

The AIDS crisis is not over in the USA. Come to this workshop to learn about the history of and current presence of the AIDS crisis, including what you can do to get involved and fight AIDS. AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power is an international, grassroots political group working to end the AIDS pandemic through direct action, medical research, treatment and advocacy.


Network the Revolution: Building Alternative Internets———Garden Room

Presented by: ShiftCTRL, a radical queer semi-elusive hacklab based in NY

In this presentation/discussion group hybrid, we will briefly discuss the concept of alternative networking for the purpose of self-hosted, unsurveillable communications, the digital library project as fronted by ShiftCTRL, how ShiftCTRL uses Free and Open Source Software to organize themselves, the process of de-/re-programming Capitalist rhetorics on digital technology, and whatever else should happen to arise. No laptops or digital tech is required. We will begin with a brief presentation, then break into a discussion format.

The Elections From a Revolutionary Anarchist View ——————————Office

Presented by Wayne Price, anarchist writer.

How should anarchists, who are anti-state, understand the presidency and the Democratic reaction? How should revolutionaries respond to this crisis while remaining anti-state?


2:00pm – Ends 3:15pm

Towards a Sustainable Antifascist Movement ——————————————GYM

Presented by: Outlive Them NYC

Panel/Discussion with organizers from Outlive Them NYC. We envision Jewish antifacism as a communal project, one we undertake together, whether at street actions or shabbat. We couple our political work with cultural practice, creating intentional social spaces grounded in shared principles and history, to build the trust and community resiliency we need for the struggle. When we break bread together, when we sing together, we are co-creating the world we want to live in.

Living With Disability: Dealing With Capitalist Control Over Our Health and Mentality—-Office

Presented by Joseph Sledgianowski, Artist

An open discussion over disability & mental health, including tediums of life in a controlled system, and possible ways we can adapt to this and aid each other.

Solutions During the Climate Crisis—————————–Garden Room

Presented by: Andrea Shaw from Earth Strike NYC

In a time where all people hear about are problems regarding the climate crisis and how little time we have left, it’s important to highlight and acknowledge all of the solutions we have! We have heard and discussed the issues enough. Now it’s time we talk about the solutions and alternatives. Earth Strike NYC will be hosting a panel of various people on forming and presenting solutions during the climate crisis.

Revolutionary Abolition in Practice———————Assembly Hall

Presented by : The Base

The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement is a political movement dedicated to freeing people from bondage and building resistance in the United States. We situate our political movement in the context of the abolitionist struggle against slavery and continue in the tradition, from Nat Turner to the Black Liberation Movement. We will be discussing these political foundations and talking in detail about our on the ground organizing within prisons, against ICE and towards an international strategy.

3:30pm Ends 4:45pm

The Struggle for The Commons with Silvia Federici —————————GYM

Presented by Silvia Federici writer, activist, feminist

To create new forms of production/reproduction: The Commons. This is about reconstructing the social fabric and reclaiming control of our lives. These “communities of resistance” could become a vital force of social and ecological transformation.

France in Flames: The Revolt of the Yellow Vests —————-Office

Presented by: Marisa Holmes, MACC

For the last year the gilets jaunes or “yellow vest” movement in France has persisted. Beyond the street confrontations, there is a growing network of assemblies where participants debate about the future of France and the world they want to live in. A directly democratic and leaderless revolution is under way, and so we are tasked with supporting its most liberating potential. Come participate in an assembly in solidarity with the yellow vests, learn, and apply lessons to the context of NYC!

Gone Phishing: Recognize Online Entrapment and Other Scams by Learning How to Launch Your Own Phishing Attack Website—————Garden Room

Presented by Anarcho-Tech NYC

In this hand-on digital workshop presented in collaboration with the radical queer and femme Tech Learning Collective, you will have the opportunity to create and deploy your own phishing Web site that can steal usernames and passwords from unsuspecting victims. By learning how attackers including law enforcement officers (LEOs) build pixel-perfect replicas of familiar sites like the Facebook login screen, you will also gain the skills you need to more quickly recognize the signs of a malicious web site, email, or other online scam.

Building A Culture of Revolt——————-Assembly Hall

Presented by AK THOMPSON, anarchist writer

Drawing upon themes explored in Premonitions: Selected Essays on the Culture of Revolt (AK Press, 2018), this workshop encourages participants to think about the promise and perils of both movement culture and mainstream culture while working to develop a strategic orientation capable of furthering the development of a culture of revolt. About PREMONITIONS: Bringing together a decade of AK Thompson’s essays on the culture of revolt, Premonitions offers an engaged assessment of contemporary radical politics.

5:00pm Ends 7:00pm

Revolutionary Animism with Ben Morea—————–GYM

Ben Morea is a painter, publisher, and direct action political figure.

As the unseen hand of the 1960s revolutionary underground, Morea is infamous for shutting down MoMA, forcibly entering the Pentagon, occupying the Fillmore East and Columbia University, and dumping the neglected garbage of the Lower East Side into the fountains of Lincoln Square. He was the force behind the 1960s art/anarchist collective Up Against the Wall Motherfucker and the legendary anarchist zine/broadside Black Mask.

Extinction Rebellion: Movement Ecosystems———-Office

Presented by Karlos Subverses XR Anarchist Rebel

The climate movement has new organizations that have brought direct action to the forefront of how the movement succeeds. This new model of challenging power and taking power in the streets has had a great deal of success around the world. In this discussion, we’ll be talking about how different groups and organizations are influencing and reinvigorating each other in strategic ways, and we’ll be looking at concepts like swarming, cross-pollination and eco-systemic thinking.

Reclaiming Mental Health Care in the Capitalist Hellscape——Garden Room

Presented by Alliance Psychological Services

In this participatory workshop, we will explore ways to reclaim mental health care as a radical, compassionate, cooperative source of healing, for individuals and for society as a whole. The facilitators represent Alliance Psychological Services, a collective of three radical individuals creating New York’s first cooperatively-owned mental health practice. We are invested in disowning authoritarian concepts of professional expertise and seek bottom-up sources of healing knowledge to inform our practice. We will create space to grieve the harm inflicted on our psyches and communities by oppressive mental health care.

Syria Solidarity and Rojava Solidarity: Bridging the Gap——-Assembly Hall

Presented by: Bill Weinberg

While the consensus position of the American left is now one of support for the genocidal Bashar Assad regime in Syria, even those dissident currents that oppose the regime are divided—between supporters of the general Arab-led revolution in Syria, and the Kurdish-led revolutionary movement in the autonomous zone of Rojava. This reflects a deepening division on the ground in Syria, that holds grave risk of an Arab-Kurdish ethnic war. Yet the Arab-led civil resistance in Syria, like the Rojava revolution, is influenced by anarchism. Both are animated by a vision of council-based popular democracy.

11:00am – 7pm


All day


Created by The Operating System / Elae As we work to resist, strategize, and build resilient tools and networks, our bodies are subject to an incessant onslaught of sensory, somatic, psychological, environmental, and other systemic threats that traditional therapeutic methods often are not equipped to address, and which allopathic / big-pharma driven “health-care” ignores / gaslights / refuses to acknowledge. This Library/Lab is an intervention into other possibilities, beginning with body and biome. Take a few quiet moments away from the fray exploring the resources in the curated, annotated library, and find somatic and writing exercises, scores, and experiments to try alone or together, on site and for the future.

11:00am – 7pm———Garden Room

CHILD CARE available all day

CARE-SPACE/HEALING ROOM all day The book fair this year will offer a care-space, where healing practitioners and artists will offer group and individual care experiences.

11:00am – 7pm———Main Room

FOOD from: Freegan

COFFEE from: Coffee Not Cops & Diego de la Vega Coffee Co-op– Zapatista Café.