STOP THE SWEEPS! A call to action

Eric Adams, the new Giuliany , has ramped up sweeps of houseless encampments across New York City. The City calls upon the DHS and the anti-terrorist division of the NYPD (ironically, they are the ones who incite terror) to kick people out of their creative and resourceful shelters and to leave them to freeze or soak in the recent climate. Screw Adams, screw the NYPricksD, screw the DHS, screw anybody who supports them. A.C.A.B! ALWAYS! HOMES, NOT SHELTERS!


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“We are asking for help from our beloved neighbors across New York to bring homelessness to an end, and finally break is free of the stranglehold that wealthy landlord and real estate have on us, on all of us, on you” On Wednesday, April 6th, 6 homeless activists had their homes violently ripped from them by Eric Adams’ NYPD and Department of Sanitation. With the help of community networks of housed and unhoused neighbors, they are calling for an organized defense of the homeless. Hear Sinthia’s full statement below.” “You can’t end homelessness without stopping it from happening in the first place. We ask that our beloved people living in New York protect us, the homeless, the most vulnerable, from any state violence. A new sweep defense network is building through organizations likes Brooklyn Eviction Defense, Rent Refusers Network, The Gym, Sweeps Alert NYC, East Village Mutual Aid and Washington Square Park Mutual Aid. If we can build up this new community volunteer network to protect our homeless neighbors from sweep, then we can together use the same network in the future to block evictions. This is everything to us. The suffering of our people is heartbreaking, and the violence against them by the state can not be allowed.”