Statement on Expenses and Table Rentals

Dear Comrades to the NYC Anarchist Book Fair, and beloved members of our anarchist community,

We are really excited to have this year’s book fair at La Plaza Community Garden (in the LES) on September 10th, along with the Film and Art Festivals! Despite the risks associated with holding an outdoors event, we think that it is still the best option given that Covid is still present, and the growing spread of other viruses.

We will have a set supply of tables, chairs, and an accessible bathroom. All the locations (for everything ranging from performance spaces—for the Art Festival—the Film Festival location, and bathrooms) will be in close proximity. As per last year, we are partnering with the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS).

Given the expenses associated with providing tables and other infrastructure, it is unfortunately necessary for anyone who requires a table —or half of one— to pay a certain amount. We will have a limited amount of tables available, and we prioritize those who have been with us for a long time and who are coming from far away without the possibility of bringing their own tables.This also means that we are not able to provide tables for those who have not indicated that they need a table. If, in the “Prospective Vendor form,” you did not say that you are bringing your own table, we will assume that you will be needing one and rent it out for you. We believe, however, that transparency is a priority and so we’re providing an initial rundown of our expenses:

Our rental company from last year raised their order minimum to $750, which means even if we rent less than $750, we’d be charged a fee to reach the minimum of $750.

From another company we were quoted $654. That would be $440 for 35 tables and 30 chairs, and $160 for delivery + tax. (We will likely require more than 35 tables). 

We want to make the Bookfair as pleasant, educational, and accessible an experience can be, but we cannot expect everything to be perfect. This year we are particularly short on funds, and so we rely entirely on donations. There will be a fundraiser benefit show on September 4th to raise money for the Bookfair as well as the Kuñangue Aty Guasu, but we do not want to rely completely on this. 
We will be operating under a pay what you can, no one turned away, system. You are more than welcome to bring your own table, and if you have the means, we encourage it (please let us know if you haven’t already)! However, if you do need to book a table, these are the rates we have deemed appropriate:

For half a table, the price will range from $20-$40.
For a full table, the price will range from $50-100.

Once you fill the form, you will receive an email by August 15th confirming your request and giving you the cheque information.

Every year, the Bookfair is extremely lucky to host small vendors/distros/publishers, who either do not aim to make any money from their presence, or will simply not sell enough to cover a full/half table fee. Still, they form a crucial part of the Bookfair and it is critical for them to be able to table at our event. For this reason, we ask (and trust) that when the bigger actors pay for their tables, they hold in mind that the more they donate, the more of a sustainable environment we can provide for these smaller tables. In essence, we just want to keep in mind that people have different budgets and that it’s an act of compassion to donate so that others can share and participate as tablers in the event. Once again, if you would like to bring your own table, you are more than welcome to, just let us know. All the “profits” that we make, which will undoubtedly be few, shall be used with transparency to all of you and our public, and will most likely go to make the next year’s Bookfair cheaper.

We will also have a grill available, if anyone would like to donate food (vegan!) or drinks.

Finally, last year we didn’t donate anything to La Plaza Community Garden because them hosting us was an experimental situation. But this year we would like to donate $500 to them because they do incredible work with the local communities and we would like to reciprocate the love they have shown us.

We got a lot of new groups and collectives interested this year and hope we will have space for everyone!