anarchx-feminist MANIFESTO


Our intention is abolish the distinction between races, classes and genders = equality of opportunity between all people = ALL PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED TO LIBERTY AND EQUALITY.

All over the world most femme have no rights whatsoever to decide upon important matters which concern their lives.

Femmes suffer from oppressions of two kinds:

1) social/ racial/ political/economic oppression

2) Sexism — oppression and discrimination because of their sex.

There are five main forms of oppression:

• Ideological oppression = brainwash by cultural traditions, religions, white supremacy, patriarchal advertising-propaganda. Manipulation with concepts and play upon femme’s feelings and susceptibilities, including emotional labor. Widespread patriarchal white supremacy and authoritarian attitudes and capitalistic mentality in all areas.

• State oppression = hierarchical forms of organization with command lines downwards from the top in most interpersonal relations, also in the private life.

• Economic = exploitation and repression, as a consumer and a worker in the home and in low-salary or no-salary (domestic work) femme’s jobs.

• Violence = under the auspices of the society as well as in the private sphere — indirectly when there is coercion because of lack of alternatives and direct physical violence, worst when the femme is black or trans.

• Lack of organization = tyranny of the structurelessness which pulverizes responsibility and creates weakness and inactivity.

These factors work together and contribute simultaneously to sustain each other in a vicious circle

Anarchx-feminism is a matter of consciousness. The consciousness which puts actions. The principles of a liberating society thus stand perfectly clear to us.

Anarchx-feminism means femme’s independence and freedom on an equal footing with male. A social organization and a social life where no-one is superior or inferior to anyone and everybody is coordinate, femme as well as male. This goes for all levels of social life, also the private sphere.

Anarchx-feminism implies that femme themselves decide and take care of their own matters, individually in personal matters, and together with other femmes in matters which concern several femmes. In matters which concern all sexes essentially and concretely femme and male shall decide on an equal footing.

femme must have self-decision over their own bodies, and all matters concerning contraception and childbirth are to be decided upon by femme themselves.

It must be fought both individually and collectively against male domination, attitudes of ownership and control over femme, against repressive laws and for femme’s economic and social autonomy and independence.

The traditional patriarchal nuclear family should be replaced by free associations between people with all kind of genders and races; based on equal right to decide for all parts and with respect for the individual person’s autonomy and integrity. (Also we are open to polygamy / monogamy or whatever people want to do in associations ways).

Sex and race stereotyping = in education, media and at the place of work must be abolished.

Radical sharing of the work by the sexes in ordinary jobs, domestic life and education is a suitable mean.

The structure of working life = must be radically changed, with more part-time work and flat organized cooperation at home as well as in society.

The difference between gender’s and race’s work must be abolished.

Nursing and taking care of the children must concern men just as much as women / queer and trans.

Femme power and femme prime ministers will neither lead the majority of femme to their ends nor abolish oppression. Marxist and bourgeoisie feminists are misleading the fight for femme’s liberation. For most femme it is not going to be any feminism without anarchism. In other words, anarchx-feminism does not stand for femme power or femme prime ministers, it stands for organization without power and without prime ministers.

The double oppression of the femme demands a double fight and double organizing: on the one hand in feminist federations, on the other hand in the organizations of anarchists. The anarchx-feministx form a junction in this double organizing.

A serious anarchism must also be feminist otherwise it is a question of white patriarchal supremacy half-anarchism and not real anarchism. It is the task of the anarchx-feminists to secure the feminist feature in anarchism. There will be no anarchism without feminism.

An essential point in anarchx-feminism is that the changes must begin today, not tomorrow or after the revolution. The revolution shall be permanent and it is always in process. We must start today by seeing through the oppression in the daily life and do something to break the pattern here and now.

We must act autonomously, without delegating to any leaders the right to decide what we wish and what we shall do: we must make decisions all by ourselves in personal matters and thinking by ourselves, together with other femmes in pure femme matters, and together with the male; until gender/ race and class are over.