On The Recent Murder Of a 13-Year Old Guarani and Kaiowá Girl

Statement by the Kuñangue Aty Guasu, translated in English (9/12).

13 years old, 9 days of disappearance, strangled to death, with various marks and cuts on her tummy according witnesses, found naked and already decomposing.

Little giant Ariane, may our prayers reach you. This tragedy is felt through all Guarani and Kaiowá territories, violence increases dramatically. Today there are various white (Karai) politicians that knock on our doors asking for our votes in the elections, yet not proposing any effective measures to protect the rights of women, youth, elders, and Indigenous girls. Be it Ariane, or Raissa, and the so many comrades victims of violence, we denounce this violence and the state silences everything. Masking and brushing the suffering of Indigenous peoples under the carpet.

Today Ariane’s family receives her body, which was found in advanced stages of decomposition.

And today we yell to all corners of the world: STOP KILLING US!

Statement by ANMIGA, translated in English (9/12).

Yesterday, September 11, the body of a 13-year-old girl Ariane was found, after being missing for 9 days.

We, from the National Articulation of Indigenous Women Ancestrality Warriors – ANMIGA, grieve the loss of yet another body-territory (corpo território).

To be an Indigenous woman is to be a body that endures and resists pain, FROM THE PAIN TO THE FIGHT, because we wake up everyday to the news of atrocities, perversities, and cruelties, and now the death of yet another Indigenous child.

For ARIANE, and so many other Ariane’s who also had their bodies violated, massacred and murdered. We indigenous women will continue, not only saying no to gender-based violence within the territories, but we will continue to fight and combat any type of violation against us women.

Violence against Indigenous body-territory (corpo território) is extreme, it’s absurd. With each passing day, the cases of brutality against indigenous women, children, and elderly people drastically increase, and nothing is done by the state, by the government, by those who claim to know how to govern the country.

Ariane Ancestralized!

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#CorpoTerritório #ParemdeNosMatar #Femicídio #IndígenasMulheres

Statement from Black of the NYC ABF collective:

We want to share with the anarchist community abroad, the messages we receive every day from the Guarani and Kaiowá Indigenous community in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

This pain is ours too,
We want and need international articulations and cooperation to stop this fascist catastrophe.