XIII NYC Anarchist Arts Festival - 2019

The NYC Anarchist Arts Festival is back at the Judson Memorial for its 13th edition on September 6th, 2019. The happening gathers visual artists, performers, musicians, dancers and genre benders for a night of experimentation and collective creation. Hosted by the AnarkoArtLab this year’s festival theme is inspired by Ben Morea’s concept of Revolutionary Animism and will feature 50+ artists from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.   


Andrea Haenggi + Spontaneous Urban Plants 
Adriana Varella
Anna Parisi 
Ben Morea
Betina Polaroid + Efêmera 
Camila Marchon 
Daniela Stubbs-Leví 
Deep Learning + Yuko Uchida 
Isadora Frost
Jacob Cohen + Crackhead Barney  
Joseph Sledgianowski  
Kalan Sherrard 
Laura Elrick
The Living Theater  
Livia Sa 
Lung Moon Wakery  
Nico Roxe
Marvin Piqué 
Markus Sandor 
Maira Duarte + Dance To The People 
OMNI (Kennie Zhou + Storm Hartley) Presents The Capsule 
OYA Damla 
Seth Tobocman & World War III Illustrated 
Simone Couto
stvn girard
Shiri Mordechay
Thiago Dezan
WWIII Illustrated Artists 

Entry for the Anarchist Arts Festival is free, suggested donation will be asked at the door. Donations gathered during the event will be donated to indigenous groups directly affected by the Amazon deforestation.   

The NYC Anarchist Book Fair and related events aim at contributing to the ongoing dialogue, analysis and practice of current society, increasing knowledge about history, and create inspiration for the building of liberation alternatives such as mutual aid, autonomy, solidarity, collectivity and consensus based decision making, to name a few. We emphasize the creation of forward-looking activism and culture as we celebrate the struggle to free humanity, the animals and the planet from today’s predatory global political and social systems. 


The Anarchist Arts Festival also hosts an art table during the Anarchist Bookfair, where artists, both participants of the art festival and not, will be showing and trading artwork.


Peek at past editions of the NYC Anarchist Art Festival below:

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Among participating artists of past editions are:

AnarkoArtLab (Planet Earth)  * Adriana Varella (Brasil)Alex RomaniaAlejandro Chellet  (Mexico) * Alex Villar (Brasil) * Andrea Haenggi and Spontaneous Urban Plants (Switzerland/USA/Planet Earth) Artemis Beasts (Lituania/ USA) * Ben Morea (USA) * Butch MerigoniCamila Marchon (Brasil) * Carolina Fakholt (Sweden) * Daniel McNeil (EUA) In memoriam * Daniela Stubbs  (Germany/ Peru) * Deep Learning (Brasil /Luxembourg) * Eames Armstrong and Cory O’Brien (USA) * Fabricio Boliveira (Brasil) * Felix Morelo (Colombia-USA) * Grady Gerbracht (USA) * Hector Canonge (Argentina /USA) * Monique Honeybird Mizrahi (USA) * Jonas Bers (USA) * Joseph Sledgianowski (USA) * Kalan Sherrard (USA) * Keiko Uenishi (Japan / USA) * Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada)Keren Moscovitch  (USA/Israel) Jackie + Tina (USA) * Kim FataleLivia Sá (Brasil) * Lise Duclaux (France) * The Living Theater (EUA) * Lorene Bouboushian (Lebanon/ USA) * Marianna Olinger (Brasil) * Marc Shanker (USA) * Marko Markovic (Croatia) * Marvin Pique (USA) * Nao Nishihara (Japan) * Nina Isabelle * Non Grata (Estonia)  * Poncili Creacion (Puerto Rico/USA) * Raine Blunk * Raquel Mavek and Queefcore * Ronit Levin Delgado (USA) * Simon Hanes (USA)Simone Couto (Brasil) * Shiri Mordechay (Israel) * Soojin Chang (USA) * Sunbirds (Cataluña) * Uniska Wahala Kano and Jacob Cohen (USA) * Ursula Scherrer (Switzerland) * Uta Brauser (Germany) * Vlad Teichberg (Russia) * Wild Torus (USA) * Yuko Uchida (Japan)